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Zach Nugent’s Dead Set comes to City Winery Boston for a Special 81st Birthday Celebration for Jerry Garcia on Tuesday, August 1st at 6:00 PM. Tickets and information are available at

Deadheads will be transported to the heart and soul of the Grateful Dead's music as Zach Nugent's Dead Set kicks off  a monumental run of shows for the “Days Between Tour,” at City Winery. Celebrating the sacred days between Jerry Garcia's birth and death dates, this critically acclaimed tribute band ignites the stage with their unparalleled talent and infectious energy. Dead Set is an extraordinary ensemble that brings the Grateful Dead's timeless music to life with remarkable precision and passion.

Led by Zach Nugent, Dead Set's uncanny ability to channel the spirit of Jerry Garcia has been described as nothing short of astounding. Nugent's guitar work captures Garcia's essence, enchanting audiences with solos and improvisations reminiscent of Jerry himself.. The band's tight-knit chemistry and unwavering dedication ensure that every note resonates with the same magic that made the Grateful Dead one of the most iconic bands in rock history..

Audiences experience a musical journey as Dead Set transports them through the ethereal realms of the Dead's extensive catalog. From the cosmic explorations of "Dark Star" to the uplifting anthems of "Sugar Magnolia," every song is delivered with unwavering authenticity and a contagious enthusiasm that leaves audiences dancing and singing along all night long.

About City Winery

City Winery was founded in New York City in 2008 by Michael Dorf to deliver a unique combined culinary and cultural experience to urban wine enthusiasts. Each City Winery offers intimate concerts, food and wine seminars, private event spaces, upscale dining, and a fully functioning winery.

Today, City Winery has physical locations in New York, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Boston, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Hudson Valley. There are also three other concepts run by the company: City Vineyard at Pier 26, City Winery at Rockefeller Center, and City Winery Chicago at the Riverwalk.

Zach Nugent’s Dead Set plays City Winery Boston Tuesday August 1st at 6:00pm (doors open at 5:00pm).  To purchase tickets and a complete schedule of upcoming shows and events at City Winery Boston visit