Civilian to release You Wouldn't Believe What Privilege Costs

Article Contributed by Tiny Human | Published on Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tooth & Nail Records is happy to announce that Substream has premiered the live video for “Cut & Run” from the forthcoming CIVILIAN record You Wouldn’t Believe What Privilege Costs (out October 21st). Shot at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville, TN, the video offers an exciting glimpse of what the bands live show will offer. So, until they make it to your home town, catch CIVILIAN live right here:

On You Wouldn’t Believe What Privilege Costs - recorded at the legendary Sound Stage (Cash, Earle, Haggard, Dylan) in Nashville, TN - songwriter / vocalist Ryan Alexander casts a spotlight on the intersection of love, politics, science, hope, and nihilism. “I want people to know that what they think matters and that nothing meaningful should be off limits” he shares. “We should boldly sit at the table of ideas and share our stories. This is what it is to be human.”

An incredibly mature collection of songs, the road songwriter Ryan Alexander took to arrive at YWBWPC provides at least a hint of an answer to how we find ourselves faced with a record so simultaneously beautiful and uncomfortable.