Climate Control Projects & The Years Project Present THE SOS SESSIONS

Article Contributed by Vicious Kid PR | Published on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Climate Control Projects is proud to present the SOS Sessions, a new series of live streamed performance events featuring an array of innovative artists that traverse the musical landscape. The SOS Sessions are co-presented by Emmy Award Winning climate storytellers The YEARS Project and are set to stream the first Sunday of every month, having first begun in late August of this year. 

November kicks off with celebrated jazz trumpeter, jaimie branch, (Sunday, November 1st), followed by ambient multi-instrumentalist, Laraaji on December 6th, and longstanding experimental indie psych-rock group  Gang Gang Dance on January 3rd, 2021. 

branch, who played in the Chicago and NYC new jazz circuits for most of the aughts, is a part of a new jazz vanguard of artists on Chicago’s International Anthem label alongside label mates such as Makaya McCraven, Jeff Parker, and Angel Bat Dawid. She released  her acclaimed solo album, Fly or Die and a sequel album, Fly or Die II: Bird Dogs of Paradise in 2019 to equitable accolades. branch is Brooklyn-based, but will stream her SOS Session from Alaska, where she is currently recording. 

Ambient music icon Laraaji unveils his SOS Session on Sunday, December 6th bounding off two album releases just this year alone. The ethereal Moon Piano and Sun Piano albums are part of a legacy of 50+ releases over the past 5+ decades, including Ambient 3: Day Of Radiance, (1980), produced by Brian Eno, who discovered Laraaji performing in Washington Square Park. 

An SOS Session from New York City’s own Gang Gang Dance will stream on Sunday, January 3, 2021 with a mixture of new work,  material from their latest 4AD release, Kazuashita (2018) and, if we’re lucky, material that will reach back through their repertoire to 2004’s Revival of the Shittest.  

Previous installments of the series featured: electronic artist Hieroglyphic Being on October 3rd, and another from much-loved NYC-based Lot Radio DJ Christine Renée. Alex Czetwertynski acts as creative director for the sessions by enhancing the live streams with visuals and integrating the Years Project climate-focused footage. 

The SOS Sessions are co-produced by Climate Control Projects partner, Par Neiburger, a veteran curator whose work has been presented at BAM, Pioneer Works, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and other notable venues. Neiburger previously served as artistic director to the World Music Institute for many years, acting as stateside ambassador to countless acts from all corners of the globe. 

Says Neiburger of the sessions, “With Climate Change truly posing an existential threat to life on this planet, I feel privileged to be able to work on projects that enable artists to come together to create awareness and point audiences toward actionable solutions. It is a special honor to be able to work with artists that I hold in such high esteem to work towards making a difference on such an important issue.”

Other Climate Control Projects programs include The Creative Climate Podcast, exploring the intersection of creativity and activism, and a brand new Radio Free Brooklyn program, Audio Atlas, that debuts on October 28th and is hosted by the aforementioned Neiburger. The Audio Atlas radio show will feature music from a different country or region of the world each episode and use music as a gateway to discussing how climate change is affecting that part of the world with a boots-on-the-ground climate expert or activist living and working in the region. 

Climate Control Projects was founded in 2020 with a mission of working within popular culture to create awareness, accountability and action around the issue of climate change. We produce content and events that engage mainstream audiences and connect them on a personal level to the climate crisis, leading them to immediately accessible and actionable solutions.

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