Article Contributed by mike | Published on Thursday, July 29, 2004

On July 2, 2004, the COORS brewing company started running an ad intended to distance COORS the "company" from Pete Coors, the man running for the US Senate in Colorado on the Republican ticket.  The ad states that Pete Coors' campaign reflects his "personal" views - and not the views of the company.  The ad goes on to explain the Company's gay-friendly policies - which are in stark contrast to Pete Coors, the candidates, conservative stance on same-sex marriages.  Running ads to distance yourself from your namesake seems pretty severe to us.  Has COORS the brewery finally realized that they can't trust Pete Coors the man?

Pete Coors is a man of contradiction - to say the least.  As CEO of Coors Brewing Company - Pete worked to reverse years of anti-gay policies at the company, making it one of the most gay-friendly in the country.  Then Pete decides to run for Senate - and his "personal" views on a lot of issues sure have changed.

First Pete announces he supports a constitutional gay-marriage ban - COORS the gay-friendly company is outraged! Then the Christian Coalition of Colorado's voter guide features a checklist of Pete's stance on six issues important to its members - and SURPRISE - the only issue Pete doesn't agree with the Coalition is banning taxpayer funding to groups that provide benefits to partners of gay and lesbian employees.  Ahem, doesn't COORS the brewery provide benefits to partners of gay and lesbian employees?  I wonder why Pete doesn't want to ban that funding.

Next Pete, as part of his Senate campaign platform, criticizes the federal government for coercing states into raising the age limit from 18 to 21 - COORS the brewery loves this "personal" view.  I'm sure Pete is very objective about this issue.  Then Pete claims to be a conservationist - COORS, busy polluting the river in front of the brewery, is quiet.  But wait!  COORS actually polluted the river while Pete was still the acting CEO.  Hmmm.

And lastly, Pete tells us how he wants to promote (of course) his "strong family values."  COORS the company responds by releasing a new set of ads focused pretty much on beer, pretty girls, flirting with said girls, and so on... And now even I am confused. After watching countless COORS beer commercials in my life & witnessing them becoming more risqué every year that Pete was CEO, I want to know - what exactly are Pete's views on all this?  Was he "personally" opposed to the ads because of his strong family values - but the $$$ he would make helped him overcome his conscience?

So now we, the public, are left to try to figure out - what exactly does Pete stand for:  Did he support the gay-friendly measures at COORS against his personal beliefs?  Or is it just more convenient to now oppose gay-marriage and keep the conservative members of his Republican base happy?  Does he, personally, as a Senate candidate, really think we should lower the drinking age to 18?  Or was that just to appease COORS the company, given his "conservationalism" and anti-gay policies?  Does Pete actually have strong family values to promote?  Or does he really just like the hot girls in the commercials?

So Pete - why don't you come out and tell America if you're for pounding beers and swinging babes or strong "family values"?  Anti-gay or gay-friendly?   A river polluter or a conservationalist?  Looking to use your US Senate position to lower the drinking age to help COORS the company?  It makes our heads swim at Grateful Web trying to separate the man and the Company.  Who are we voting for Pete?  Fans of small breweries in Colorado:

Please visit Mr. COORS @: or  Hey Pete, which site do you prefer we visit?  Tell Pete he's a hypocrite and his beer sucks.