Cory Wong and Dirty Loops collaborate on new song; video out today

Article Contributed by Big Hassle Media | Published on Thursday, August 19, 2021

GRAMMY® Award-nominated songwriter, producer, and guitarist extraordinaire Cory Wong has joined forces with Stockholm, Sweden-based twisted pop trio Dirty Loops for an exuberant, genre-busting new single. “Follow The Light” is available tomorrow at all DSPs and streaming services, but an official music video premieres via YouTube today. “Follow The Light” heralds a spectacular full-length collaboration between Wong and Dirty Loops, entitled TURBO and due later this year. Vinyl pre-orders are available now.


“This album is to music as The Naked Gun was to movies,” says Dirty Loops’ Henrik Linder.
“My first interaction with Dirty Loops was with the viral videos of them doing insane arrangements of pop songs,” says Cory Wong. “Their musicianship is absolutely top tier. The only thing I thought was, Where’s the guitar?!? As I sat playing guitar along with the videos from my studio, I thought that I should reach out and see if they wanted to collaborate on something. Usually, a collaboration is just one song or a writing session, but I’ve been exploring the idea of doing collaborative albums with other artists because it allows the two visions of the artists to intermingle more and find more unique ways to blend together to create something new. This project really brought a lot of the musical chops side of my playing out that I often restrain from putting on my albums, and I added some restraint to parts of songs that they might get really intricate. It ended up being a perfect representation of both Cory Wong and Dirty Loops as artists and what a true collaborative project can be.”
“This record was a blast to make,” adds Linder. “We hope the excitement is contagious but remember to keep your distance.”