Dance With The Creatures & Howl At The Moon with Luke Mitrani

Article Contributed by Blooming Footprint | Published on Thursday, August 5, 2021

Luke Mitrani is a former professional snowboarder whom, after one of the worst crashes the industry had ever seen during a 2014 Olympics qualifier, turned a career-ending moment into an opportunity to explore his other lifelong passion: music. Today he proudly releases his third album titled “Wild Things”, inspired by his life journey and aiming to inspire and connect with everyone his music touches. Mitrani wishes to spread a message of hope with a reminder that we are all a part of the wild nature that surrounds us. “It’s part of our human nature to be wild, dance and live freely without any judgment of yourself or others,” he declares.

“Wild Things” has the perfect balance of free-flowing electronic beats, conscious lyrics and live instrumentation. It’s the ideal soundtrack for groovin’ on a dance floor, skating on a sunny day or letting it all go at a late night ecstatic dance party. The lyrics of the title track take you there with guest female vocals from session singers via, and a killer sax solo from Benjamin at Mahoma Records: “All the wild things howl at the moonlight, all the wild things howl at the moon, all the wild things howl in the midnight.”

Mitrani’s music is playful, upbeat and feeds his spirit and his soul, and you can literally hear his perpetual smile radiating through his sweet, raspy voice on every track. “I put my heart and soul into my music and I am just so excited for people to listen.” The tracks explore and blend pop, folk, alternative and modern, psychedelic styles with soft and meaningful lyrics. “Overall it's pretty groovy, yet easy to listen to,” Mitrani explains. “Man On The Moon”, the first single shared in June, has a downtempo vibe and features drums by Rico. Thinking of music as his own big dream, Mitrani’s blank canvas is colored by his imagination, giving us a glimpse into his ideal world. “In this wicked world we live in, we can carry torches, we could be the Brightest Light,” he articulates in the second single “Brightest Lights” released in July.

In 2018 he teamed up with fellow musician and producer Lynx to create his first album "Walk  On The Moon". In 2019 Mitrani self-produced his second album "Live It Up" which features his hit single “Crazy Mad Beautiful”. He graced the stage of the 2020 Burton US Open (video HERE) and the first song he ever wrote “Walk On The Moon” has over 5M plays and is included in one of Spotify’s curated playlists.

Always practicing a Zen lifestyle and staying true to himself, Luke Mirtani lives by the mantra, ‘Live Frendly’, as there is no "I" in friendship and he just loves receiving calls from his friends when they hear his music playing at a grocery store, in a restaurant or at a bar. Catch him out on tour in late 2021...dates coming soon!