Dance Party Time Machine with Electron

Article Contributed by J2G Live | Published on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

J2G Live is proud to announce the Dance Party Time Machine's official involvement in Electron's 2017 CO Run including stops at The Gothic Theater, The Aggie, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, and The Barkley Ballroom.

At first glance, you might mistake Electron for an all star super-group. With a lineup featuring Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner from the Disco Biscuits, Mike Greenfield from Lotus and Tom Hamilton from JRAD and American Babies, Electron is working with some of the most experienced talent in the jamband world.

What started as an avenue for Brownstein, with the support of his closest musician friends, to showcase a collection of songs he had written while briefly separated from The Disco Biscuits in 2000, soon morphed into what many have called "the best band that doesn't exist!" The band originally featured Joe Russo on drums, and has long been known for playing explosive versions of Brownstein's songs.

These days, armed with one of the best drummers in the Jamtronica world, Electron has begun to expand their influence across the country. What was once the best kept secret in the Jamband world has begun to establish themselves as a mainstay at some of the biggest festivals in the USA. 2016 was been the biggest year yet for Electron, having played huge shows on Jam Cruise, Peach Fest, Disc Jam, Beanstalk, Catskill Chill and more. It is safe to say that the secret is out.

On top of their yearly romp through some of Colorado's favorite venues, BWGS and J2G Live welcome  Marc, Aron, Tom, and Mike (along with Marc and Aron's Disco Biscuits band mate, Allen Aucoin) to The Dance Party Time Machine, a one of a kind musical journey through the greatest dance party hits of all time.  From Rock n Roll's roots, Soul and R&B Classics, Disco, Funk, 80s Pop, 90s Hip Hop, to the Club Bangers of today and everything in between,  nothing is out of reach of the Dance Party Time Machine.  Colorado is like a second home to the band and with the help of some of the states most beloved musicians (including members of YAMN, Fox Street, Tiger Party, Analog Son, Kinetix, The Magic Beans, Dynohunter, SuCh, Other worlds and more) this will be the best Dance Party Time Machine yet.

You can catch Electron at The Gothic Theater in Denver on 3/23, The Aggie in Fort Collins on 3/24, The Barkley Ballroom on 3/26 and of course as part of the Dance Party Time Machine at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on Saturday 3/25.

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