Danny Barnes & Wayne Gottstine Side Project & Tour Announcement

Article Contributed by Pipeline Productions | Published on Monday, April 23, 2012

The Split Livers is a collaborative project between two of the most influential musicians in the alternative/acoustic punk bluegrass scene.Danny is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and genre-bending artists of his craft, Barnes' musical interests are both varied and adventurous, and he incorporates that versatility into a progressive approach to an instrument that is musically polarizing and steeped in tradition. Although he demonstrates an appreciation for the history of the bluegrass, country, and folk music from which the banjo's reputation was born, his inventive take is what truly separates him from his contemporaries…using the banjo as his ‘weapon of choice’ to play non-traditional music like rock, fusion, and jazz with electronic percussion and loop elements.Wayne and Split Lip Rayfield have carved out their own genre of music with their unique sound and instrumentation. Often described as a mix of bluegrass and country with an accent of metal Split Lip Rayfield has been a pioneer on the music scene, bending musical genres and crossing countless boundaries of musical expectations.Together Danny and Wayne bring you an experience like nothing else - Danny and Wayne are joining forces to bring you some classic songs from each of their band's repertoire while also blazing new trails (expect a to see an album release in the near future) that will change the face of music, yet again.-THE SPLIT LIVERS SUMMER TOUR SCHEDULE6-6-2012                  Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar | Houston, TX  6-7-2012                  The Cactus Club | Austin, TX6-9-2012                  The Bottleneck | Lawrence, KS   6-10-2012                Auntie Mae’s Parlor | Manhattan, KS    6-11-2012                Roxy’s | Columbia, MO  6-12-2012                Off Broadway | St Louis, MO6-13-2012                Rock Island Brewing Co | Rock Island, IL6-14-2012                Reggie’s Rock Club | Chicago, IL