Darren Waller opens up on new music "Mind Games: It's All In Your Head"

Article Contributed by Big Hassle Media | Published on Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Atlanta native Darren Waller, a former NFL star and Pro Bowl selection, shares a new 2-song EP titled “Mind Games: It’s All in Your Head” continuing his transition from football to music. On the intoxicating track “Mind Games,” Darren reflects on life decisions, emphasizing the importance of not getting caught up in overthinking and instead following your heart. Meanwhile, “All In Your Head” is an energetic and motivational track urging listeners to prioritize living their best life rather than chasing money.

Darren explains, “I've developed a great chemistry with producer JRod over the first half of 2024, and this record [Mind Games] might be our most captivating yet. The idea for the song came to us while we were recording one night at my house in Vegas. We wanted to create something that everyone could vibe to — the Mind Games that go on with the opposite sex while trying to maintain focus with everything going on in the world around them. We wanted to capture that feeling while still making some fly shit.”

"While 'All In Your Head' is about me always being an overthinker, which has both helped and hurt me in my life. I wrote this song to remind myself that when I spend too much time in my head, I can miss out on the beauty in my life right in front of me. It serves as a reminder to myself and everyone listening to relax, trust themselves, and not believe the lies that their mind tries to tell them."

Last month, Darren sat down with NPR’s Morning Edition to discuss his previous single “Choose Wisely (Farewell)” and the song’s narrative about his decision to retire from the NFL at the age of 31, leaving potentially over $30 million on the table. Listen to the interview HERE. He also stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his football journey, the next chapter in music, life, and self-discovery. Listen to the interview HERE.

Darren’s journey is not just about football but also about personal redemption and using his experiences to inspire others. After significant setbacks early in his NFL career due to substance abuse and suspensions, he achieved incredible success by getting sober, returning to the league and having the best years of his career as a premier tight end. He now leads the Darren Waller Foundation, which provides scholarships for 30-day treatment centers and other sober living opportunities and resources within his hometown Las Vegas community.

Waller is now pursuing his passion for music, having grown up in a musical household and being the great-grandson of pioneering jazz pianist Fats Waller. Earlier this year, he released "Faith Test," a track about self-discovery and being tested in a world of instant gratification, "She Knew (Her Perspective)," a song about past relationships, and the previously mentioned "Choose Wisely (Farewell)," which reflects on his decision to retire from the NFL.