David Rosales Celebrates Earth Day with "Spoonful," Album Out July 22

Article Contributed by Milestone Publicity | Published on Monday, April 4, 2022

Earth Day ready, join your favorite not-so-average single-use plastic utensil, Spoon, on a heartfelt adventure through an urban wilderness. Los Angeles-based Americana artist David Rosales’ forthcoming single, “Spoonful” (out April 22), will arrive with a visually stunning music video telling the story of Spoon in search of a new home. “Spoonful” marks the second single from Rosales’ new 12-track sophomore LP, REVIVE (out July 22). Complete with a cast of zany characters and imaginative landscapes, “Spoonful” weaves an environmentally conscious message into a riveting story that is sure to charm audiences both young and old.

Hitting with a dynamic backing of brassy horns, “Spoonful” opens up the sonic palate of REVIVE even wider than the album’s lead single "Turn It Around," giving the listener a bona fide sense of the sound to come.

“Recently on a few gigs, I was talking with the audience about ‘Spoonful’ and came to the conclusion, an epiphany really, of what this song truly means,” explains Rosales. “When you dig down to its roots, ‘Spoonful’ is about nurturing something you love — helping it to be as strong, healthy and happy as it can possibly be.”

The song’s music video was produced over the course of one year by Zach Zombek — a frequent creative collaborator with Rosales and practical effects magician — who skillfully utilizes stop motion animation, kinetic puppetry, live action dance choreography, and much more for a truly ambitious handcrafted mixed media showpiece.

Following his acclaimed 2018 debut, Brave Ones, and subsequent tours, Rosales settled into MAPS Studios in Fullerton, CA to record REVIVE in late February of 2020 with his friend, co-producer and touring drummer, Mike Willson. With the addition of a 'Memphis Horns' style brass section to his group of backing musicians, Rosales makes it clear that his sound has grown since the release of Brave Ones.

“I had wanted to keep the album's production within my circle. It had to feel worn in and comfortable,” explains Rosales. “Mike and I had spent countless hours touring on the road and surfing, discussing a sound and a vibe that needed to be captured. I leaned on the rich, soulful influence of Al Green, Otis Redding, and Sam Cooke throughout my writing process. I found that it really fits where I am, what I feel this world needs, and how I'm engaging musically with the healing and unity that I want to bring with my music.”

The majority of tracking was completed during a two week session and with REVIVE finished, Rosales and his Band of Scoundrels were set to hit the ground running in 2020 with tours planned both domestically and abroad. Then, COVID and the lockdown hit.

Rosales is more than just a musician. He is an outdoorsman, family man and does everything he can to give back to the community. Seeing how scared and stretched his community was due to the pandemic, he took to playing weekly neighborhood “Driveway Hop” concerts so people could have a release and feel socially connected. Additionally, through his non-profit charity, BraveOnes Foundation, Rosales was able to distribute PPE's and Meaningful Meals to various in-need families and health care heroes throughout his local community.

“People need people and I saw an opportunity to help,” acknowledges Rosales. “Whether we were filling bellies with food through BraveOnes Foundation or filling souls with music, it was all about spreading good vibes and making a positive impact during a rough period. This music is all about hope, positivity & inclusivity. However bad it's been, I feel like you can always turn it around.”

REVIVE was designed to flourish in the vinyl format with each side of the LP sequenced in such a way to have a beginning, middle and end. Side A kicks off with the upbeat ear-candy of “Ask Her to Dance” — a song that jumps out of the speakers and right into the summer Kool-Aid of love. It's a single that begs you to dance the night away with a fresh and contemporary Sam Cooke flair. Flip the record over, and drop the stylus on Side B for “Down the Line,” which immediately lures the listener in close with Rosales’ whiskey soaked resonance before he and his Band of Scoundrels explode into a dynamic blues rock laden anthem fit for a highway roadhouse.

Set to hit the road this summer, David Rosales & His Band of Scoundrels bring to stage an uplifting and spirited live performance that pairs well with contemporaries they have shared the stage with in Ben Harper, Brandi Carlile, Matt Costa, The White Buffalo, Donavon Frankenreiter, Pokey LaFarge and Steep Canyon Rangers. “I can’t wait to let these songs live and breathe with an audience,” reveals Rosales. “They have the magic in them to change the world one stage at a time.”

Rooted in Americana and bathing in West Coast sunshine, Los Angeles-native David Rosales aims to provide a light at the end of the Pandemic Tunnel with REVIVE. “Strange times need good vibes,” says Rosales. “I’m ready to give the world a much needed dose of positivity.”
REVIVE track listing:
“Ask Her To Dance”
“Turn It Around”
“Some People”
“Goodbye Paradise”
“Down the Line”
“Beautiful Waste”
“Every Now n' Then I Could Use A Friend”
“Wine Country”
“Bride & Groom”
“My Love”