Departure Festival returns to Quilcene, WA - September 22nd – 24th, 2023

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, March 17, 2023

Kalan Wolfe and Keely Crow-Ka, of “The Shift,” have called on performers from across the country to join them at Departure Festival in Quilcene, Washington on the weekend of September 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2023.

Tickets are now available for sale at:  

Kalan Wolfe and Keely Crow-Ka, founders of Departure Fest Northwest, are gearing up for their third annual event taking place at the Lake Leland Amphitheater, a beautiful, lakeside venue in Quilcene, WA.

This year's lineup includes an eclectic array of musical acts ranging from folk, hip-hop, funk, rock, bluegrass, reggae and more. What ties these acts together is the common message of social justice and environmental awareness, which aims to spark hope and promote unity.

"We book bands that inspire us personally, acts that walk the walk, and use their art as a platform for positive change in our world. Departure Festival is founded on inclusivity. We strive to build a broader sense of community at our all ages event. We are also working to minimize single use plastics and emphasize stewardship of the land." Says Crow-Ka.

"We want to send the message that we are all in this together." says Wolfe. "We are a diverse group of people with many different cultures and backgrounds, but when we come together through music, something magical happens."

Organizers aim to amplify underrepresented voices at their events and are proud to support the Chemakum Longhouse Project of Jefferson County. This Native led project, created by Naiome Krienke, is gaining momentum as more people learn the significance of what it would mean to have a Chemakum Longhouse in our PNW community once again.

How did this event come to be?

Kalan Wolfe and Keely Crow-Ka are artists themselves, performing in their multigenerational family band, The Shift. When COVID hit, their small business and those of their friends toppled overnight. "By the summer of 2021, we were ready to find ways to gather safely in an outdoor setting, that not only gives artists a means of getting back to their craft, but also creates something that gives back to the community that has supported us through these hard times," says Wolfe.  

Where does it go from here?

Wolfe and Crow-Ka have big plans for the future, which includes purchasing their own land in Jefferson County for the event, allowing room for more attendees and expanding to a four day festival.

Crow-Ka states that, "The goal is to have enough attendees that we can keep ticket prices accessible to all who wish to attend. We also hope to create space for other community events, and eventually make room for an artist residency program which allows artists to be supported financially while they do what they do best."

Departure Festival has gained momentum very quickly, becoming one of the most anticipated events on the Olympic Peninsula. This year, to cultivate a gentle impact on the current land, attendance will be limited to 1200 tickets. Pre-sale tickets can be purchased from the Departure Festival website at