Dr. Felipe Brito Unveils Debut Album 'Não Deixe para Amanhã'

Article Contributed by Outside in Music | Published on Sunday, June 16, 2024

Dr. Felipe Brito, a distinguished trombonist, composer, and educator, is set to release his debut album, Não Deixe para Amanhã (Don't Put Off Until Tomorrow), independently on September 6th, 2024. With a rich and diverse resume that includes performances with luminaries like Branford Marsalis, Joe Lovano, and Raul de Souza, Brito now brings his unique artistic vision to this new project.

Currently serving as the Director of Jazz Studies and Assistant Professor of Trombone at Southeast Missouri State University, Brito’s professional journey spans both jazz and classical realms. He has held positions as principal trombonist for the Cleveland Opera Theater Orchestra and performed with the Canton Symphony and Erie Philharmonic. These experiences intersect with his Brazilian heritage, creating a rich tapestry of Afro-Brazilian and Native-Brazilian musical traditions blended with Western music.

The album's title, Não Deixe para Amanhã, is a Portuguese phrase that translates to "Don't Put Off Until Tomorrow." It is a mantra that Brito's mother instilled in him during his upbringing in Brazil, symbolizing a call to bravery and courage. "My mother reminded me [with this phrase] to be courageous and have goals," Brito explains. "I have applied that approach to music and my career in general."

Não Deixe para Amanhã showcases Brito’s innovative approach to composition, integrating Brazilian subgenres like samba, bossa nova, maracatu, and alujá into the modern jazz language. The album exemplifies his method of beginning with rhythmic patterns, experimenting with their adaptation, and forming melodies that honor both jazz theory and Brazilian traditions.

Key tracks include “Vai,” a piece built on variations of samba rhythms, and “Aos Amigos Da Vida,” which layers a samba-derived melody over a maracatu groove. “Pegado” pays homage to the African Diaspora's influence on Brazilian and American music, blending a driving funk groove with rhythmic syncopations.

The album features contributions from Brito’s esteemed colleagues, including Latin GRAMMY winner Raphael Ferreira (saxophone), and Brazilian musicians Fabio Leandro (piano), Jackson Silva (bass), Rodrigo “Digão” Braz (drum set). Arrangements by Frank Cano and Victor Cavazos, and engineering by Latin GRAMMY winner Adonias Sousa, Jr., further elevate the album's quality.

With Não Deixe para Amanhã, Dr. Felipe Brito makes a significant addition to the jazz oeuvre, demonstrating the artistic possibilities that arise from the cross-pollination of diverse cultural traditions.

Não Deixe para Amanhã will be available for purchase and streaming on September 6th, 2024.

About Dr. Felipe Brito

Dr. Felipe Brito is a renowned trombonist, composer, and educator, currently serving as the Director of Jazz Studies and Assistant Professor of Trombone at Southeast Missouri State University. His career includes collaborations with top-tier musicians and performances with major orchestras, reflecting his versatility and dedication to both jazz and classical music.