Drive-By Truckers Release "Plan 9 Records July 13th, 2006" Tomorrow

Article Contributed by New West Records | Published on Monday, July 12, 2021

In celebration of its 15th Anniversary, Drive-By Truckers will release Plan 9 Records July 13th, 2006 tomorrow via New West Records. The 25-song set features the classic Drive-By Truckers lineup of Mike Cooley, Patterson Hood, Jason Isbell, Brad Morgan, John Neff, and Shonna Tucker and was recorded live in its entirety at Plan 9 Records in Richmond, VA. The album will be available for the first time tomorrow across digital platforms. Double LP vinyl and double compact disc editions featuring extensive liner notes written by Drive-By Truckers frontman Patterson Hood will be released on Friday, August 6th. Plan 9 Records July 13th, 2006 was previously issued as a limited “bootleg” version for Record Store Day Black Friday last year. Immediately selling out, the limited version became a sought after collectors item by fans. The new vinyl version will be available on color vinyl and will feature updated packaging including the original poster art for the performance by the band’s longtime designer, the celebrated artist Wes Freed.
The now legendary live set served as both a celebration of Plan 9 Records’ 25th Anniversary, but also a ticketed benefit concert for The Harvey Foundation. On New Year’s Day, 2006, Kathryn and Bryan Harvey and their two children were brutally murdered in their home in part of a horrific crime spree that made national news. The Harvey’s were a part of a community that welcomed Drive-By Truckers with open arms and the The Bryan and Kathryn Harvey Family Memorial Endowment was created by their friends and family to provide music, visual art and performing arts enrichment in the greater Richmond area. Drive-By Truckers’ Patterson Hood would later write the song “Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife” in tribute to Bryan and his family for 2008’s celebrated Brighter Than Creation’s Dark.

Today, American Songwriter premiered the live album in full, a day ahead of its digital release. Patterson Hood told the magazine, “The Live at Plan 9 recording is the best recording I have ever heard of the 2001-2006 version of the Drive-By Truckers (the Jason Isbell era). It was a very special night on so many levels with the band firing on all cylinders, perfectly captured on tape. An essential document of our band from that time period.”
Patterson Hood said in his accompanying liner notes, “Our pay was a case of PBR and two bottles of whiskey. There wasn’t a drop left by the end of the encore. They pushed back all of the record shelving to make room for a little over 200 people and cut us loose to play a two hour plus set. Loose and raggedy at times, yet somehow also tighter than shit. It was by far our favorite show of the year and all these years later, I think it is one of the best performances from that era of the band. A few months later, that incarnation of the band was no more and our lives have continued to move in all kinds of mysterious ways. We’re all close friends again and even though it kinda feels like a lifetime ago, it was great to hear these tracks and to re-live the best parts of who we used to be. When you think you have it turned up a little too loud, reach over and turn it up a little bit more.”
Drive-By Truckers Plan 9 Records July 13th, 2006 will be available across digital retailers tomorrow. The album will also be available on double compact disc for the first time as well as standard black vinyl on August 6th. A limited green color vinyl edition will be available via Independent retailers while a limited “Red & Black Ice Mix” color vinyl edition is available for pre-order NOW via NEW WEST RECORDS.
Drive-By Truckers Plan 9 Records July 13th, 2006 Track Listing:
1. Tales Facing Up
2. One Of These Days
3. Easy On Yourself
4. Feb. 14
5. Aftermath USA
6. Gravity’s Gone
7. Sink Hole
8. Outfit
9. My Sweet Annette  
10. Marry Me
11. A World Of Hurt
12. Why Henry Drinks
13. The Day John Henry Died
14. Wednesday
15. Shut Up And Get On The Plane
16. Ronnie And Neil
17. Moonlight Mile
18. Let There Be Rock
19. Zip City
20. Goddamn Lonely Love
21. 18 Wheels Of Love
22. Nine Bullets
23. Daddy’s Cup
24. Decoration Day
25. Lookout Mountain