Dub Pistols gearing up to release their new album Frontline on March 10

Article Contributed by Falcon Publicity | Published on Saturday, February 4, 2023

Dub Pistols, the multi-cultural collective founded by Barry Ashworth, has involved dozens of artists and musicians over the years. Since releasing their 1998 breakthrough album Point Blank, the Dub Pistols sound has accordingly morphed a variety of times, taking in dub, punk, jungle, ska, breakbeat, hip-hop and a whole lot more...it’s been a long road traveled. 

On 2023’s Frontline, the band are bringing the summer atmosphere. Featuring artists such as Ragga Twins, Natty Campbell, Freestylers and Cheshire Cat, the album is living proof that Dub Pistols are the true masters of their craft.

Having recently celebrated their 25th anniversary, Ashworth explains, “‘Frontline’ is a reference to 1981 in Brixton's railton road where the riots were started against a backdrop of economic depression, racism and a general dislike for the establishment and its economic policy. Causing so much poverty at the time, I feel this is as relevant today with the cost of living crisis, austerity and national strikes everywhere.” 

The album bounces between classic ragga rhythms (“That’s No Lie”) to darker tracks harboring a ‘Ghost Town’ aesthetic (new single “Moving On” out Feb 15 ), to nostalgic tracks from Dub Pistols’ hedonistic days (“Soundboy Killa”). One thing’s for certain, the record remains undeniably Dub Pistols. With a Western theme running throughout its veins, each track has special appearances from artists that are part of the Dub Pistol close-knit family.

Track Listing:

    Nice Up (feat. Horseman)

    Nah Give It Up (feat. Horseman)

    Moving On (feat. Natty Campbell)

    That’s No Lie (Dub Pistols vs. Chopstick Dubplate, feat. Demolition Man)

    Soundboy Killa (feat. Natty Campbell)

    Better Has Come (feat. Lindy Layton)

    Spitfire (feat. Cheshire Cat)

    Frontline (feat. Cheshire Cat)

    Jump On It (Dub Pistols & Freestylers, feat. Top Cat)

    M16 (feat. Ragga Twins)

    If You Ever Get A Draw (feat. Myki Tuff)

    Love (feat. Seanie T & Chezidek)