Dustbowl Revival | “Beside You” | Review

Article Contributed by Nicole Lise Feingold | Published on Saturday, October 3, 2020

“Beside You” is Dustbowl Revival’s enduring, emotionally stirring new single focused on love. The track is deeply influenced by the great Bill Withers, an amazing human I had the pleasure of knowing briefly. There are also obvious similarities between Van Morrison’s relaxed hallmark tone, Bob Dylan’s lyric poetry and even the sentiments presented in Sonny & Cher’s iconic duet, “I Got You Babe.” The slow instrumental rumble prefaces the fact that relationships are freaking hard. When rocky, emphasized in the drums’ intensity and surprising yet appropriate boom, the underlying pain shatters every part of your being, causing doubts about how, and if, you will ever love your partner again. The lead vocals join in honeyed harmony as the strings, horns and drums simultaneously reach their crescendo, underscoring there will always be tough patches. They test love’s resolve. Even though it’s rough, contributing to further misgivings, the beauty lies in the person who holds steady. No matter how difficult you and the entire situation may be, they do not waiver. They promise to be, “Right beside you babe. Whenever you need me. Right behind you babe. Whenever you need me. Whatever you need. Whatever you need.” That is the definition of sustaining love. Someone who still values and is there for you even at your darkest, meanest or grossest. A love that shouts loudly, “You can lean on me. You can use me up. You can use me up. You can use me up.” With their delicate yet passionate croons the band closes dynamically, providing reassurance these special souls, even when challenged, exist. They remain “Beside You.” I’ve been blessed by a few.