DUSTIN DOUGLAS & THE ELECTRIC GENTLEMEN Roll Out Video For Moody Acoustic Ballad “Change” From ‘Black Leather Blues’ Album Out April 14

Article Contributed by SRO | Published on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Modern blues rock band DUSTIN DOUGLAS & THE ELECTRIC GENTLEMEN today (April 12) roll out the video for the moody acoustic ballad “Change” ahead of this Friday’s release of their third album BLACK LEATHER BLUES on MoMojo Records. Watch the video, directed by Jonathan Edwards and filmed on location in the band’s home state of Pennsylvania, HERE. Pre-save the album HERE.
DUSTIN’s soulful vocals and aching electric guitar lines in “Change” underline the song’s blunt lyrics about wanting to move beyond a life that has become stagnant. “It was one of those times in life when the same daily routine, same scenery, same songs on the radio, same everything just became monotonous and boring,” reveals the singer, songwriter and guitarist about what inspired him to write the song. “Lyrically it really doesn't beat around the bush—I just wanted a change from it all. I think a lot of people can relate.”
Same old town
Same old regrets
Same old dreams
Ain’t come true yet
Same old show
On the same old TV
Same old you
Same old you and me
We need a change
We could use a little, change

“I've always had a soft spot for a good ballad—I always try to throw at least one on every record,” explains DUSTIN. “The funny thing is, I didn't set out to write a slower song for Black Leather Blues. I was almost against it, but something happened when I strummed those opening chords of what is now ‘Change.’ It just wrote itself and I’m very proud of it. Although it's slower than some of our other material, I think the fans will be able to relate to the song and find the acoustic vibe a bit refreshing.”
DUSTIN continues, “This was the first non-performance video I've shot, and I certainly felt vulnerable at times not having a guitar or band to hide behind. Most times great things lie beyond that fear of vulnerability.”
To capture the song’s introspective mood, director Jonathan Edwards filmed the “Change” video in black and white. Most of the scenes were lensed, says DUSTIN, “in Pringle, PA in a remote area and a friend's house and property. Other scenes were shot in Pittston PA. The diner scene was at my friend Victor's Pizza Joint named Tony's Pizza (shout out to Victor for the support!).”
The female role in the video is played by Amber Lynn Fisk. “That's my wife” reveals DUSTIN. “This is her onscreen debut. After some convincing and bribery, I was able to convince her to be the lead role in the video. She killed it!” DUSTIN adds: “The viewer is led to believe the female character is walking away and changing her life, but the twist comes where the actual change involves the couple leaving together.”

Meanwhile, look for DUSTIN DOUGLAS & THE ELECTRIC GENTLEMEN to celebrate the release of BLACK LEATHER BLUES with a local show at River Street Jazz Café (667 N River St, Plains, PA 18705) on Saturday, April 22. Doors are at 8:00 PM.
Featuring 10 songs all written by Douglas, BLACK LEATHER BLUES highlights their dynamic, heavy, swagger-injected, sexy & dirty, blues-influenced rock n’ roll and captures the band’s vintage sound and vibe to modern ears. It was launched with the first single/video “Broken” and followed by “Why Would You Say Such A Thing”; watch it HERE.  Rock & Blues Muse described the song as “a tough-toned blues/rock track with a big riff, a danceable beat, and a hard-nosed attitude.”
Fronted by the impressively fluid lead guitarist/singer/songwriter Dustin Douglas, The Electric Gentlemen—rounded out by drummer Tommy Smallcomb and bassist Matt "The Dane" Gabriel—command the stage with virtuosic musicianship and classic-rock spirit mixed with punk rock attitude. All I’m trying to do is continue the tradition of The Stones, Zeppelin and The Faces,” says Dustin Douglas. “Take the traditional blues spirit, mix it with some heavy rock n’ roll and play it for a new generation.
“But it ain’t your poppa’s blues,” he adds. “I listen to Rage Against the Machine as much as I listen to Muddy Waters. That blend of influences is what makes it unique.”
BLACK LEATHER BLUES was recorded at Eight Days a Week Studios in Northumberland, PA by Paul Smith (Badlees) who engineered and co-produced the album with Douglas. It was mixed by Brian Moncarz (Alice Cooper, Our Lady Peace, Phillip Sayce) and mastered by Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Royal Blood, Arctic Monkeys, Buddy Guy, Doyle Bramhall II, Green Day, Liam Gallagher, Elvis Costello.) Read the band’s bio here.

1 Why Would You Say Such A Thing
2 Burnin' Down
3 Broken
4 Good Love
5 Change
6 What You See
7 C'est La Vie
8 Gonna Take This Train
9 Do Watcha Gotta Do
10 Barely Holding On