Article Contributed by All Eyes Media | Published on Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Acclaimed singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Dylan LeBlanc is set to release his highly-anticipated new album Coyote on October 20th via ATO Records. On Coyote, the prolific wordsmith embarks on a character-driven adventure with Coyote, a demon-haunted man on the run. Listen to the lead single, the honest love song “No Promises Broken” via DSPs HERE and pre-order Coyote HERE. “No Promises Broken” impacts radio on September 11th.

Coyote is both semi-autobiographical and a concept album, chronicling a man who lives dangerously, always on the edge. Coyote is trapped in the criminal underworld of Mexico. As he struggles to find a way out of his treacherous lifestyle, he is tormented by his past, enduring the pain and regret of lost love and a life wasted. Finding his way towards redemption and freedom, Coyote is confronted by the essence of human nature, materialism, and the inherent desire for more. As the story reaches its peak, he sees himself at a perilous crossroad in Los Angeles, leaving listeners in suspense about his fate.

The album begins with the strings-heavy title track, setting the stage for Coyote’s journey across the border to the drug cartels. On “Closin’ In,” he begins reflecting on his choices and those he left behind. Leaning into “Dark Waters,” Coyote starts to dream his way out of his criminal lifestyle, while referencing his childhood trauma that led him there. “Stranger Things” finds our protagonist with his love from “No Promises Broken,” assuring him things will all work out; however, Coyote’s past leaves him distrustful. The album continues Coyote’s journey, through prison, escape, and the ultimate decision.

Coyote finds LeBlanc producing for the first time, teaming up with a group of all-star musicians, including drummer Fred Eltringham (Ringo Starr, Sheryl Crow), pianist Jim "Moose" Brown (Bob Seger), and bass player Seth Kaufman (Lana Del Rey). Coyote is the follow-up to LeBlanc’s 2019 record Renegade, an album that was well received by the press with positive coverage that included Rolling Stone Country, American Songwriter, No Depression, and more.

LeBlanc heads to Europe for the first round of Coyote tour dates before performing in the U.S. in early 2024. Tour dates are below, and on his website HERE.

Dylan LeBlanc –Coyote Track Listing
"Closin’ In"
"Dark Waters"
"Forgotten Things"
"No Promises Broken"
"Stranger Things"
"Wicked Kind"
“Human Kind”
“The Crowd Goes Wild”
“The Outside”

Dylan LeBlanc 2023 European Tour Dates

October 28 – Tampere, Finland
October 29 – Helsinki, Finland
October 31 – London, UK
November 1 – Birmingham, UK
November 2 – Manchester, UK
November 4 – Groningen, Netherlands
November 5 – Antwerp, Belgium
November 8 – Arthez-de-Béarn, France
November 9 – Santander, Spain
November 10 – Santiago, Spain
November 11 – San Sebastián, Spain
November 12 – Barcelona, Spain
November 14– Valencia, Spain
November 15 – Madrid, Spain
November 16 – Zaragoza, Spain
November 17 – Avilés, Spain
November 19 – Breda, Netherlands
November 20 – Reutlingen, Germany
November 21 – Cologne, Germany
November 22 – Hengelo, Netherlands
November 23 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 24 – Madgeburg, Germany
November 26 – Berlin, Germany
November 27 – Hamburg, Germany
November 30 – Kristianstad, Sweden
December 1 – Falkenberg, Sweden
December 2 – Malmö, Sweden
December 3 – Stockholm, Sweden
December 5 – Uppsala, Sweden
December 6 – Oslo, Norway
December 7 – Trondheim, Norway
December 8 – Ringebu, Sweden
December 9 – Göteborg, Sweden
December 9 – Copenhagen, Denmark