Earthy Coffee Blends Launched by Roots Musicians

Article Contributed by Tanya Pinkerton | Published on Sunday, December 17, 2017

Bay Area musicians Jim Nunally and Nell Robinson proudly launch Banjo Boy Coffee in partnership with Deering Banjo Company. Four Exciting & Distinctive Coffees:  UKULELE, FOUR STRING, FIVE STRING and SIX STRING BLEND

Join us for a performance, official launch and coffee tasting at the California Jazz Conservatory on Saturday, January 13th, 2018. Tastings begin at 7:15pm followed by a performance by the Nell & Jim Band at 8:00 p.m. Free Banjo Boy Coffee all evening long!

Banjo Boy Coffee has teamed up with Deering Banjo Company to  create four exciting coffees named after types of banjos designed by Deering. Just as each instrument has its distinctive sound, so do the coffees have their own personality.

Banjo Boy Coffee came about when flat-picking guitar champion Jim Nunally was spending long hours on the road with master banjo player and coffee roaster Nick Hornbuckle, both coffee lovers always in search of the right cup of joe while on tour. After Deering gave Jim a six-string banjo to play while on tour with Tony Trischka 2 years ago, the banjo and the coffee really started to percolate. Jim came up with the idea of creating Banjo Boy Coffee and this launch is the culmination of years of thought and finding the right beans and roaster to work with. 

Jim and his partner Nell Robinson love Celebese coffee from Indonesia. That flavor is the foundation of the Six-String Blend, it has nutty, warm spice notes, like cinnamon or cardamom with a hint of black pepper. Its sweetness, as with most Indonesian coffees, is closely related to the body of the coffee. The after-taste coats the palate on the finish and is smooth and soft. Overall this roast has deep dark rich and smooth high tones.  

Banjo Boy Coffee offers:


This light roast blend has the classic Kona flavor profile, taste the air and smell the sea 'round the islands, bright overtones with hues of honey. 


This medium roast of single origin beans from Africa has uncanny blueberry overtones, it‘s got the taste to match the tempo and tone for your favorite tune, be it ragtime, swing, folk or Irish. 


A medium roasted coffee. In the tonal spectrum this blend has the pickup often desired to get you up to tempo and rolling along, its rich blend of nutty, woody character, is a great way start the day—wake up the taste buds and the fingers for rolling bluegrass. 


This dark roast blend of beans from Indonesia and Africa has sweet, cherry and chocolate overtones—rich, smooth, finger-pickin' smooth tone.

About the Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band

Nell & Jim Band, the Bay Area-based all-star band, released "Baby Let's Take the Long Way Home" in April 2017, reaching #14 on the Billboard charts. Full of original music at the intersection of bluegrass, country, folk and Americana, singer-songwriters Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally show a broad range of musicality. Their live performances are featured in two seasons of the PBS television series Music Gone Public.

Nell & Jim Band bring masterful two and three part harmonies, banjo, guitar, flute, bass fiddle, percussion and accordion/keyboards. Already working on a new album, 2018 tour dates will feature brand new material and the all-star Nell & Jim band: bass fiddle player Jim Kerwin (David Grisman, Jerry Garcia), percussionist Jon Arkin (Lee Konitz, Gene Perla) and special guest Rob Reich (Tin Hat, Gaucho). Nell Robinson has been described as a “modern day Patsy Cline” and “one of the freshest voices in roots music.” Jim Nunally is a San Francisco Bay Area-native, a musician, composer, record producer, and teacher. He is also a recipient of two Grammy and IBMA Awards and is a two-time Western Open Flatpicking Guitar champion. Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally have appeared at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Kate Wolf Music Festival, Strawberry Music Festival and on Prairie Home Companion.