East LA's Beloved Las Cafeteras Releases 3rd Studio Album In May 2024

Article Contributed by JP Cutler Media | Published on Friday, March 8, 2024

East Los Angeles' lauded band Las Cafeteras produces their third full-length studio album, A Night In Nepantla, featuring a synth-laden fusion of traditional Mexican folk and electronic dance beats for fans of Latinx music to enjoy. Las Cafeteras enlists an array of celebrated collaborators and producers to masterfully share their stories of longing and love while putting the spotlight on pressing issues affecting their communities. A Night In Nepantla features Las Cafeteras alongside David Garza (Fiona Apple), Moises Baquero (Los Abandoned), Sergio Mendoza (Natalia LaFourcade, Calexico, Mexican Institute of Sound) and LA-based DJ/Producer David Cardena.

Garnering global acclaim throughout their electrifying live performances across more than 40 states and accolades from NPR, Latino USA, GRAMMY.com, PBS, LA Times, and Democracy Now!, Las Cafeteras' original members Hector Flores, Denise Carlos, and Jose Cano lock arms and hearts on A Night In Nepantla by inviting audiences to explore the concept of "Nepantla," a Nahuatl word meaning "in-between" or "in the middle." Las Cafeteras dives into themes of cultural hybridity and identity from the writings of Gloria Anzaldúa and her book, The Borderlands (LINK). "Nepantla" serves as a metaphor for the lived experiences of people who exist at the intersections of multiple, often-conflicting cultural, ethnic, and social identities.

Frontman and singer Hector Flores, says, "As a band, we deeply resonate with the land of 'Nepantla' and feel that we live in the middle of multiple worlds, sounds and identities, and this album brings people together to sonically join us in our joy, grief, struggle, and liberation in Nepantla."

Denise Carlos reflects, "We welcome our fans into a different world, and it's a profound experience for all of us. We create a space where we can connect, share, and celebrate our common humanity."

Las Cafeteras' lead single, "Cumbia de Mi Barrio," from A Night In Nepantla (Release Date: March 1, 2024) is a hybrid of electro-pop, Afro-Colombian beats, and Peruvian Huayno-inspired Cumbia for an explosion of sounds, stories and memories that defines the eclectic soundscapes of their new album. From hypnotic dance rhythms of "Caravana," which explores the humanity of migration, to the soulful melodies of "Esta Noche," an offering of peace amidst the chaos of social justice work, each track on A Night In Nepantla is authentically personal. "Morena Morena" pays homage to Mother Earth with an electronic feel mixed with rich traditional sounds, while "Tía Lucha" blends protest chants and ecstatic electro-pop vibes.

Rounding out the album are "Vivas Nos Queremos," a poignant anthem addressing the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous, Latina, and Trans women, and the explosive final track, "Cumbia de Mi Barrio." As Las Cafeteras prepare to embark on a three-month national tour in support of A Night in Nepantla, audiences will discover the boundaries of tradition and innovation, forging new connections in the spaces between worlds.

Flores comments, "After 10 years, I think we finally made a beautiful album that aligns with our ethos, energy on stage and what we want to see in the world...it took some time, but I think it was well worth the wait!"

For a comprehensive list of Las Cafeteras' forthcoming tour dates, please visit: lascafeteras.com.