The Eckels Brothers | ‘Miss Mooney’ | Review

Article Contributed by Stites McDaniel | Published on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The only time getting punched in the face feels good is when it's done by a song. ‘Miss Mooney’, the latest effort by The Eckels Brothers does not build towards anything, instead starting off at the height of its energy, which it maintains throughout. It punches…and it feels fine. From the opening descending guitar flick, this modern-day blues rocker holds you tightly in its web of bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar drums, keys and percussion; all played by brothers Shawn and Joel. The backing music alone could be a funk track causing you to strut down a patinated street scene in your tight leather pants, flaunting your sideburns and throwing high fives. But with the addition of the vocals, these brothers show both their bloodline continuity as well as their ability to sing longtime collaborator Damian Carter's rhythmic lyrics, leaving a dent in the drumhead of your brain. Shawn's airy and raspy high harmonies float beautifully above the rich tones Joel offers as they explore themes of happiness, love and connection as the boy’s pine for Miss Mooney. The bridge of this song serves as more of a ladder, or perhaps a runway, the music climbing into the final frame, with Shawn's shredding guitar licks ushering in the reprise of the opening stanza. Let us hope that this quarantine inspired song and video lead to more collaboration between these brothers in between their other projects. Stay tuned.