EllaHarp Releases "Sunshine and Roses" From Upcoming ‘Screaming Into The Void’ LP

Article Contributed by Milestone Publicity | Published on Friday, July 16, 2021

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter EllaHarp has released the latest single, “Sunshine and Roses,” from her upcoming full-length album Screaming Into The Void (out September 17). The song, while having a bright, positive title, was actually penned about EllaHarps ongoing battle with depression.
Watch the music video for “Sunshine and Roses” here.


The dark and meaningful lyrics of “Sunshine and Roses,” prove that there is much more to harpists than the stereotypical image. “I think all harpists are chased by the stereotype of harps being some happy, heavenly thing played exclusively by angels on clouds with copious glissandos and overly flourished arpeggiation,” states EllaHarp. “'Sunshine and Roses' is my version of a buck to the stereotype, at first glance it appears to fit the bill but in fact centers on my ongoing battle with depression.”
The single was unveiled on The Bluegrass Situation last week and EllaHarp discussed how the song was the first she wrote on the harp that she built. The need to build her own harp came from travelling. Regular harps are not designed to fit in overhead storage on planes, so naturally the DIY artist improvised. “I started drawing cardboard cutouts and convinced a friend in metal fabrication that an aluminum harp was a good idea, despite neither of us having any experience on the matter and no example of one having been built,” recalled EllaHarp.
EllaHarp’s sophomore album, Screaming Into The Void, is out everywhere Friday, September 17. The new album offers a unique blending of folk and Americana with pop sensibilities, highlighting dark, thoughtful lyrics with memorable hooks.
Screaming Into The Void Track Listing:
“Screaming Into The Void”
“Whiskey Garden”
“Sunshine and Roses”
“Shotgun Sadie (ft. The False Bottom Band)”
“Late Summer”
“Black Road”
“Madd Love”