Embark on a Mesmerizing Musical Expedition with Highway Wolf’s Debut EP “Purdie’s Dream"

Article Contributed by Denise Lamott PR | Published on Saturday, October 28, 2023

Immerse yourself in a spellbinding auditory adventure as Highway Wolf, the brainchild of the seasoned musician Mick Hellman (known for his work with Wreckless Strangers, The Go to Hell Man Band, and Marco & the Polos), unveils its highly-anticipated debut EP, “Purdie’s Dream.” This musical marvel is released just in time to harmonize with the Hunter’s Moon on October 28th, accentuating the wolf-themed mystique intrinsic to the project.

The EP’s title pays homage to Mick’s cherished canine companion, Purdie, named in reverence of Bernard Purdie, a legendary drummer whose “Purdie Shuffle” left an indelible mark on the 1970s music scene. Purdie's memory continues to illuminate San Francisco's streets, much like Bernard Purdie’s rhythms still reverberate through today's music.

“Purdie’s Dream” extends an invitation to its listeners to surrender to “The Call,” a journey through the raw and untamed emotions that define our existence, ranging from ecstasy and desire to resilience and introspection. Each track on the EP breathes new life into beloved classics, meticulously selected for their ability to inspire Mick to unleash his inner “wolf” and embrace the night. The EP commences with the uplifting “Back In the High Life Again,” transitions through the urban odyssey of “In the City,” delves into the intricate dance of duality in “Father & Son,” explores the quest for connection in “Blue Letter,” and culminates in the haunting beauty of “Silver Springs.”

Throughout the creation of “Purdie’s Dream,” each creative endeavor opened doors to uncharted artistic territories, allowing Mick and his team to delve deeper into the essence of Highway Wolf. “This journey was serendipitous at every turn, from reenvisioning timeless hits with a fresh perspective, to venturing into the realms of graphic art and animation, enhancing our narrative and artistic scope. I am profoundly thankful to the brilliant collective of artists who joined us on this odyssey, infusing Highway Wolf and Purdie’s Dream with vitality and soul,” shares Mick.

A pervasive theme emerged as the project blossomed, highlighting the multifaceted nature of our beings. Mick elaborates, “In this project, we see reflections of ourselves in the innocent puppy, the vulnerable human, and the bold, assured wolf. As we navigate the complexities of life, we draw upon these diverse facets of our identity, finding solace and happiness in the journey.”

“Purdie’s Dream” was meticulously crafted at Laughing Tiger Studio in San Rafael, CA, under the expert production of Tal and Amber Morris, and with Mick Hellman at the helm as executive producer. The EP features a stellar line-up of Bay Area musicians, many of whom share a personal connection with Mick, including (listed alphabetically) Gabriella de la Cruz, Austin de Lone, Laurel Hellman, Barbara Higbie, Kevin Hayes, Ryann Morris, Amber Morris, Tal Morris, Dave Zirbel, and Joshua Zucker.

Dive into the sonic odyssey of “Purdie’s Dream” here: https://ffm.to/purdiesdream


Step into the captivating world of Highway Wolf, a musical odyssey curated by Mick Hellman and his artistic compatriots, Tal and Amber Morris. This project transcends the boundaries of traditional music, offering a collection of reinterpreted classics that speak to the soul. Highway Wolf invites listeners on a transformative journey, exploring the human experience through the primal howls and yearnings of the wolf, offering a unique and profound perspective on life’s most poignant moments.