Embrace the Slow Roll of the New World & Return to Yourself with Robin Lewis’s Latest Single: Slow Fade

Article Contributed by Blooming Footprint | Published on Friday, March 12, 2021

Today, Louisville, CO - raised soulful folk-rock singer-songwriter Robin Lewis proudly releases her latest single ‘Slow Fade’. As the story goes, Lewis was sitting on the dock of Lake Santeelah in North Carolina. The sun was setting and she was strumming her old Alverez guitar. She felt the noises of the world melt away and felt herself return to her body. “The words ‘slow fade, slow down, find yourself here again’ came to me and the song was created while sitting there watching the sun set,” said Lewis.

Fresh off KGNU's ‘Sunday Live at Five’ streaming Facebook concert series, Lewis creates songs about our natural world and our place in it. ‘Slow Fade’ is a perfect example of her aesthetic and her rich voice that will transport you to the place where your favorite memories and deepest feelings live.

“We spend so much time in our heads. ‘Slow Fade’ is about that moment when you return to your body. Like someone turned the fader down on all the racing thoughts, and all the outside noise and hustle. That moment where you remember who you are and what your purpose is. Sometimes it’s a bittersweet feeling because it’s good to be back in your body but a little sad to realize you’ve been somewhere else.” Lewis articulates that we are collectively experiencing this return to ourselves and to silence.

"Robin's sweet melodies are medicine to the heart, soul, and creative process."

~Autumn Skye Morrison, Visionary Artist