Envision Festival Commemorated by ‘A Greener Festival’

Article Contributed by Blooming Footprint | Published on Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Costa Rica-based music, sustainability, and arts festival, Envision Festival, is celebrating its 10th anniversary and recognized achievements in the greening and environmental sector. Having won the 2018 FestX’s Outstanding Green Event Award, Envision Festival is proud to have received mentions from AGF Awards Team in June 2019.

Envision Festival was congratulated in excellence in local community impact, procurement, compliance and management systems, and external reach and behavioral change, and was also commemorated in solid waste and recycling, water usage, beach clean-up, biodiversity, and permaculture principles.

To celebrate the new year and new decade, Envision Festival is excited to announce its goal to plant 10,000 trees in Costa Rica in 2020 and is inviting the community to set their own intentions for the year. Envision Festival will plant ONE TREE every time our post is shared (up to 2.5k shares), match every tree purchase on our website, and will choose one winner to win our only Flyaway Contest for the Year, including two (2) 7-Day VIP Tickets + one (1) $600.00 Flight Voucher.

How To Enter:

Fans can enter by sharing this post with your 2020 intention and use the hashtag #Envision10kChallenge. One (1) tree is planted for every share of this post up to 2.5k. Tag one

(1) friend in the comments to join the #Envision10kChallenge & share their 2020 intentions (counts as 2 entries if friend participates). Imagine a world where we all did our best!

Held at Rancho la Merced, Envision Festival was founded around the seven pillars of sustainability, music, spirituality, movement, health, art, and education. Since its establishment through 2019, the festival has planted and donated over 45,000 trees in Costa Rica to assist in the regeneration of the jungle and ecosystem that is home to hundreds of animal species and to plant some love back into the Earth. Envision Festival also founded the Casa Envision Community Center, a local youth community center, cleared more than 335 kilos of trash from its annual beach cleanup, funded a local lifeguard program, funded a $17,000 water infrastructure program in Uvita, raised $6,000 to fund a local crime prevention program, and funded repairs to a local school’s roof.

Additionally, Envision Festival is a Leave No Trace event and currently practices an overall green foundation, devoted to demolishing single-use practices involving water bottles, plates, and utensils, encouraging all attendees to bring reusable items on-site.

Envision Festival partner Community Carbon Trees Founder and President Jennifer Smith state, “If we are truly to create lasting solutions to the environmental problems facing the planet, we have to do MORE than plant trees for global warming. Ideally, we also have to find ways to preserve local communities and cultures, while immediately rebuilding deforested soils, wildlife corridors and protecting watersheds and old-growth forests. This work is especially important in countries like Costa Rica where there still exist intact stretches of the primary jungle along the coast which, in turn, influence the oceans and marine life, together so vital to the overall stability of our global climate.”

The bar is being continuously pushed through each department, sector, and partnership to reach the top-level environmental standards at this year’s Envision Festival. Taking sustainability to the next level, Envision Festival is teaming up with Kornit and Cotton Heritage. These sustainable leaders are providing eco-shirts for our on-site Merch Store. Kornit’s products meet the highest sustainability standards with nearly zero wastewater and a low carbon footprint, enabling on-demand printing that fits today’s consumer culture.

Our teams will continue to push the bar in sustainability and environmental practices and encourage our fans and attendees to follow our standard. There has never been a more important time in history to make positive contributions to the environment and our global communication, and we are so grateful to be on this mission with our community and YOU! The fires in Australia are running through our hearts. Send love and healing energy to Australia, the Amazon, and other corners of the Earth needing support right now. Now more than ever, we need to show up. We need to take action. Please do what you can, as we do what we can.

Envision Festival 10k Challenge post: http://bit.ly/EnvisionFestival10kChallenge

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