EOTO: K-Turns and U-Turns Volume 3 | Review

Article Contributed by Tim Hurley | Published on Thursday, June 9, 2011

Much like their live shows, the electronic-improv duo EOTO (Michael Travis and Jason Hann) continue to change and morph over time.  From their humble beginnings a few years ago as a basement project to the explosive club juggernaut they have become, the group has redrawn the boundaries of performing live electronic music.

Their recent digital release, K-Turns and U-Turns Vol. 3, is the latest in their series of recorded concert material from the past year and provides the listener with 39 songs covering nearly four hours worth of their signature sound.  Early in their career the boys were most focused on ambient house, but lately they have displayed more of the electro-glitch and dub-step that is heard on this compilation.  Although the songs recorded here were culled from various performances, they are interlaced well and almost seamlessly weave in and out of each other.

Clearly four hours worth of improvised electronic music might prove difficult for passive music listeners to handle, however their catchy beats and supersonic grooves are truly infectious.  On the other hand, hard core fans of EOTO will be excited to get another superb live recording, not to mention the sheer volume that is included.  Adding to the bulk of music is a free offering of their May 6th performance this year at Chicago's Portage Theater to anyone who purchases K-Turns and U-Turns Vol. 3.

Now with three studio albums, three official live releases, and a massive collection of live downloads EOTO has no shortage of music available to fans, and each is unique in its own right.  After all, each performance is totally made up on the spot with the duo creating music from whatever energy they are drawing in the moment.

EOTO is still one of the most extraordinary electronica acts on the scene, and their sheer musical talents shine well on this new release, which perfectly captures this unique collective doing what they do best.  So set aside a full evening, spin this compilation, and be prepared to dance till the wee hours of the morning.