Eric Maring set to release “The Year of Seeing Clearly"

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Sunday, June 13, 2021

Eric Maring’s 5th album release, The Year of Seeing Clearly was created during the 2020-21 pandemic era drawing largely from songs written and performed for Saturday evening livestreams with his sons Leo and Julian. Recorded remotely in Maryland and Colorado, the band features 2 generations of Marings along with drummer Steve Fox (longtime collaborator and childhood friend) and bassist Dan Griffin to deliver heartfelt, cross-generational musicianship.  

These powerful songs address the stories of our melting pot nation, the battles of right vs. wrong, and the challenges of social injustice we grapple with historically and today in the covid era. The recordings offer a fresh twist on what a song can mean to the writers, musicians, and listeners as we explore critical issues of our time.


1. Son of It All 

2. You Don’t Die from a 

3. Medal Of Freedom 

4. Year of Seeing Clearly 

5. Boots on the Ground

6. Song for Benares 

7. Saddest Days of Our Lives 

8. Genevieve

9. Gonna Be Just Like You 

10. Barbed Wire Rt. 134 

11. O’Sullivan’s March