Fabulous Thunderbirds' Kim Wilson to Rush Limbaugh, "Cease & Desist on My Music"

Article Contributed by Leighton Media | Published on Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Fabulous Thunderbirds' lead singer Kim Wilson has officially demanded that Rush Limbaugh cease and desist broadcast of any music written, recorded or published by Kim and his band in any context related to or concerning any radio or television broadcast of, by or about Rush Limbaugh. Kim Wilson's memo was issued on Tuesday, March 6 to Clear Channel Communications, Premiere Networks and Broadcasting and Rush Limbaugh directly.Over the years Rush has played the Thunderbirds' "Tuff Enuff" and other tunes which Kim has been aware of, "The Constitution gives us the right of free speech," but when Rush recently called a Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke a "slut," it was the straw that broke the camel's back. "I don't want people to think that I'm affiliated in any way, shape or form with him. The message he promotes is something I'm totally against.""I was mortified by his attack on this young woman.  Why is he using my music?  I've been very open about my politics, which includes equal rights for men and women."What kind of example is Rush setting for the youth of America?  He's a proven drug addict and is now in his fourth marriage… both things his listeners rail against and yet these people still listen to him. Rush Limbaugh is a promoter of ignorance.  He's a clown… all he does is stir up the rabble that exists in this country.  I don't think he's an idiot--he makes 50 million dollars a year.  The things he says are not only disrespectful, chauvenistic, and racist--it's about everything that--in my mind--is wrong."Kim also emphasizes that Rush offered factual misinformation when he called the young Sandra Fluke "a slut."  "It wasn't funding as part of a health bill that she wanted, but for her own insurance--that's private industry.”  And for Rush to hypothesize that we're paying for her to have sex is also wrong if there's a baby involved.  Kim says, “It's both men and women that have sex when a baby is made."The multiple GRAMMY winner, who tours year 'round, leading the Fabulous Thunderbirds and the pure blues group Kim Wilson's Blues All-Stars, is releasing an album through Severn Records later this year. He has recently performed and recorded with Eric Clapton, Raphael Saadiq, Kid Rock, and Mark Knopfler.  Kim says, "I don't want my music to support his message anymore.  There is no amount of money this guy could pay me to be a part of his cruel rhetoric; I just don't want any part of it."