‘Fantasies Don’t Cry’: JOSCH’s New Single Explores the Depths of Heartbreak

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Indie soul sensation JOSCH (Josh Schwartz) announces the release of his electrifying third single, "Fantasies Don’t Cry," available from January 12. This track follows the impactful release of "Icarus In Motion" (Listen on Spotify) and the relaxed vibes of "No Beginning, No Conclusion" (Listen on Spotify).

In "Fantasies Don’t Cry," JOSCH brings together bombastic horns by The Horn Section, funky 70’s clavinet from renowned keyboardist Swatkins (Allen Stone, Scary Pockets), and a compelling backbeat, all underpinned by his soulful vocals. The song is a journey into the heart of a scorned lover, exploring a spectrum of emotions from pain to acceptance.

Reflecting on the song's theme, JOSCH remarks, “The song captures the tumult of emotions when one's perceived reality is shattered by personal loss. It's a heavy topic, but I aimed to add a bit of Scissor Sisters-esque sassiness and humor to it.”

Originally penned in 2007, "Fantasies Don’t Cry" evolved from a 90's pop rock sound to a 70's funk groove. This transformation was realized through JOSCH's collaboration with producer Dave Brandwein and the addition of a six-piece horn arrangement by Chris Brouwers.

The mixing challenge was adeptly met by Kyle VandeKerkhoff, with mastering finesse by Joe Bozzi. The song's distinct sound is further enhanced by Rob O’Block’s guitar and production expertise, alongside Dave Brandwein's overall production.

"Fantasies Don’t Cry" sets the stage for JOSCH's upcoming full-length album, "Ethereality."

About JOSCH:

Josh Schwartz, A.K.A. JOSCH, draws inspiration from a blend of funk, R&B, soul, pop, and folk. Having toured with acts like the Zac Brown Band and Jerry Harrison, and as a key member of Turkuaz, JOSCH is now ready to showcase his talent as a solo artist.

Stream “Fantasies Don’t Cry” on Spotify: Fantasies Don’t Cry - Spotify

For more information, visit Joschmusic.com.