Forrest McCurren’s debut Oh Me, Oh My Finds The Songwriter Magnifying Life’s Little Quirks In A Skillfully Humorous Way

Article Contributed by IVPR | Published on Monday, August 22, 2022

With his debut full-length album Oh Me, Oh My, Missouri-bred songwriter Forrest McCurren showcases his sharp eye for the little quirks in the world and the people who surround him; a skill that reveals humor bubbling just below the surface of everyday life. Like some of his favorite influences—Kristofferson, Prine, and Van Zandt, to name just a few—McCurren writes songs that illustrate the ways we’re in which we’re all interconnected in our yearnings for a better world and our hopes for more compassionate and tolerant humanity.

Fans and critics alike have already latched onto McCurren’s storytelling in a deeply human way, praising his “honesty and warmth” (Twangville) and calling Oh Me, Oh My “a soundtrack to those moments of human connection that feel almost cosmic” (Wide Open Country). With the release of Oh Me, Oh My, McCurren shares his whole new collection with the world. Oh Me, Oh My can be streamed or purchased right here, and don’t forget to check out the music video for “Little Rock” at this link and “Oh Me, Oh My” at this link. A full list of McCurren’s tour dates can be found below.

Oh Me, Oh My In The News:

Outsider Magazine recently sat down with McCurren for an exclusive inside look into his single, “Denver,” which they called “a smooth blend of country, folk, and rock that calls to mind great artists from days gone by. Sonically, it might call to mind Tom Petty. Additionally, John Prine’s influence is clear in the slice-of-life songwriting style. Make no mistake, though, McCurren might tip his hat to the greats, but he’s not trying to be anyone but himself with his debut release.”

Wide Open Country wrote, “You could consider Oh Me, Oh My a soundtrack to those moments of human connection that feel almost cosmic.”

The Boot called McCurren’s debut single “Little Rock” a “country-rock endeavor in the vein of Creedence Clearwater Revival and John Prine.”

In their review of the record, Twangville wrote, “There’s an honesty and warmth that shows an understanding and appreciation for life in small-town America."

Glide Magazine praised McCurren’s “knack for writing succinctly brilliant lyrics.”

Americana Highways said, “McCurren often immerses the audience in a sense of place, time, and character that are met by robust rhythms and warm strings that make sure that the songs are as memorable musically as well as lyrically.”

NPR affiliate High Plains Public Radio called McCurren “a midwestern master of his songwriting craft."

In their review of the album, Americana UK noted, "It’s this blue-collar feel that runs through each song that makes it so appealing and very real."

McCurren sat down with The Pitch to talk about the new record and all things Missouri.

More About Forrest McCurren and Oh Me, Oh My: McCurren’s entertaining debut album Oh Me, Oh My showcases the energy of his live shows with songs that shimmer and rock with an ebullient warmth that’s bound to reach into listeners’ hearts and souls and get them to reflect a little on the people and places that mean the most to them. “Whenever I’m playing I feel most present, and I love sharing an hour or two of music with folks,” says McCurren. “Music should be a celebration!” He’s always writing songs, but all the songs on this album are from a three-year period when McCurren was setting out on his own, between college and now. He’s looking back at his life, looking at his life now, and looking forward to his life to come in the 10 songs on the album. “I was just setting out on my own,” McCurren laughs. “I spent a lot of time thinking about my grandparents, painting a picture of characters I knew growing up. In the songs there’s a sense of longing and place, and they evoke the transition from running wild as a kid to running wild as a man. The songs have a sense of movement and a sense of place and a sense of who I was gonna be.”

As soon as he learned three chords, McCurren started to write songs. “I’ve always been a writer, and I have always liked stories.” In his early 20s he started accumulating songs. “I never had a plan in my life; music has always given me something to keep me focused,” he says. He strives to “win over a crowd of 1,000 with an original song.” In his songwriting, he resembles Hemingway. “I always try to write one true sentence. Every song I have kept, the first line I wrote was the first line of the song. Words come first, then melodies get inspired by the words. I trust the quickness of the way I write. I am always jotting down rhymes. Songs have given me a way of understanding who I am and relating to people.”

Music is McCurren’s favorite ways to connect with people. “My songs show them a little bit of who I am and when I show them a little of me they share a little bit of them, too.” He doesn’t write sad songs, but songs that move us and celebrate, as he says, the “luckiness of life.” As his debut album shows, McCurren excels at making those connection and at celebrating life. Forrest McCurren has a reverence for the songs, and he sings, plays, and writes with a heart for bringing people together.

Catch Forrest McCurren On Tour:

Aug. 25 - Manitou Springs, CO - Lulu's Downstairs

Aug. 26 - Pagosa Springs, CO - Break Room Brewing

Aug. 27 - Fort Collins, CO - Magic Rat at The Elizabeth

Aug. 29. - Mancos, CO - Fenceline Cider & Wine

Aug. 30 - Cortez, CO - WildEdge Brewing Collective

Oct. 6 - Eldon, MO - Lake Ozark Music Festival

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