Fox Street @ The Bluebird for New Years

Article Contributed by Fox Street Band | Published on Thursday, November 10, 2016

We are thrilled announce that Fox Street will home this year and will be playing December 30th and 31st at the Bluebird theater.  We have planned two completely different nights of music and antics that you will not want to miss!   

On December 30th we will be joined by one of our long time  favorite Denver local bands, Yamn and Milma.  Milma will start us off with their stellar brand on psychedelia, followed by a classic set from Fox Street, then Yamn will bring us into the wee hours, performing the music of Daft Punk.

On New Years eve we will be bringing on a myriad of our favorite local musicians and Fox Street will be performing the music from the motion pictures, "Boogie Nights" and "Blow."  Cleverly named, "Fox Street and Friends do Boogie Nights and Blow." And as requested by popular demand, the show will open with, Tiger Party, as they perform the music of LCD Soundsystem.

All in All, Two Great Nights of Music!  

Did I mention that tickets are only $20 per night, and if you are quick enough you can get in touch with one of the band member and we have so discounted tickets for sale at $15 each

Here are links for the Tickets:

12/30 - Milma->Classic Fox Street->Yamn
12/31 - Tiger Party->Fox Street and Friends do Boogie Nights and Blow