Future bass trio LVNDR.SOUND unveil debut LP Lavender

Article Contributed by JSloane Creative | Published on Saturday, February 18, 2023

In 2022, newly-minted, genre-bending outfit LVNDR.SOUND made bold musical statements and embedded its mark on the Denver music scene. Composed of Sunsquabi bassist Josh Fairman, keyboardist/sound design virtuoso Geoff Bremer and multi-instrumentalist Jay.Greens, the electronic trio introduced their blend of future bass, electro-soul, house, and nu-age funk in grand studio presentation.

LVNDR.SOUND has already collaborated with hometown legends such as Adam Deitch and Eric “Benny” Bloom (both of the band Lettuce), sold out their debut headlining show at local festival The Kaia Project, and crafted a catalogue of dynamic electronic soundscapes that pay homage to their city’s multifaceted cultural roots.

Now, after releasing their first four singles “Nebula,” “Virtual One” (with Eric “Benny” Bloom), “Signal” (with Adam Deitch), “Echoes,” and “Lights Out” via Jay.Greens’ own genre-crossing label Perception Records, LVNDR.SOUND unveils their debut full-length album, Lavender.

Lavender is not only an acute reflection of LVNDR.SOUND's genre-hopping mastery, but also an immersive journey that showcases the group’s close creative chemistry and dedication to crafting a cohesive, epic listening experience.

Listeners can hear the group’s versatility and seasoned production skills on album cuts like “Nightfall,” a lush electro banger. Kicking off with a thumping four-on-the-floor beat, “Nightfall” combines funky, deep bass melodies and driving percussion that transition into a central section filled to the brim with blazing synth chords and infectious grooves.

Lavender’s exploration of styles continues on tracks like “Prisms,” a lavish bass-house epic with trunk-rattling bass and pulsating drum rhythms. There’s also “Talkin’ Bout It,” a collaboration with Break Science keyboardist Borahm Lee. Imbuing its psychedelic soundscape with an eclectic mix of smokey atmospherics, future bass wubs, laidback guitar licks, and frenetic breakbeats, “Talkin’ Bout It” is a unique listening experience that aptly rounds out the LP’s diverse vibe.

If 2022 represented LVNDR.SOUND’s entrance into the Denver music scene, Lavender kicks off the band’s 2023 by cementing them within the city’s artistic spotlight and establishing them as an endlessly creative group fit for Denver’s storied musical history.