Gangstagrass Release New Single "The Only Way Out Is Through" Feat. Jerry Douglas

Article Contributed by Milestone Publicity | Published on Friday, February 2, 2024

Gangstagrass, trailblazers in a distinct musical genre of their own design, just dropped their newest groundbreaking song “The Only Way Out Is Through,” featuring the acclaimed Jerry Douglas. Douglas, a 15-time GRAMMY winner and three-time CMA winner of “Musician of the Year,” contributes his remarkable talent to this release. Additionally, fans can expect an official music video for the track to be released next week.

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Unveiled exclusively on Bluegrass Today, this new track continues Gangstagrass’s work of illuminating the unity among seemingly disparate groups. In this joint effort, Jerry Douglas skillfully explores the wild side with his dobro, further narrowing the gap between bluegrass and hip-hop. The composition combines expert banjo artistry with dynamic production, propelling the vocals through an exhilarating and inspiring chorus, complete with the Lowdown Brass Band on horns.

“I’ve always been a collaborator, so I am naturally attracted to other collaborators,” shares Jerry Douglas. “Gangstagrass is definitely in that category. For a while now, I was constantly asked if there is any type of music that I haven’t been involved in. For the longest time, my answer was ‘rap.’ Until I heard Gangstagrass, I didn’t know how it would work out. When they asked if I would sit in with them at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, I jumped at the chance. ‘The Only Way Out Is Through’ is not only a huge box checked for me but a leap forward for me in my musical education. I love the song. I love the heart and soul these guys project onto the listener, and I am so thankful to be taken into the Gangstagrass family.”

Gangstagrass has been praised in various outlets such as Forbes, Rolling Stone, NPR, Vice, and The Wall Street Journal, as well as a nationally broadcast feature on PBS. With more than a decade of shattering barriers and global touring, this rebellious collective has achieved unparalleled success in crafting an innovative sound rooted in historically significant heritage.

Conceived as a studio endeavor 15 years ago by Rench, a Brooklyn-based producer handling vocals, guitar, and beats, Gangstagrass has evolved into a vibrant and improvisational band, forging camaraderie from the most unexpected of origins. The group harmonizes the unwavering array of skills from Rench, R-SON the Voice of Reason (MC), and Dolio the Sleuth (MC, Vocals), in addition to featuring Dan “Danjo” Whitener (Banjo, Vocals), and B.E. Farrow (Fiddle, Vocals), among other brilliant instrumentalists. With roots across the country, the ensemble has skillfully blended the traditional sounds of fiddles and banjos with contemporary hip-hop beats. This unique blend and creative innovation have propelled the band to worldwide success.