Garaj Mahal's Discovery | Out of the Garaj, Into The Open..

Article Contributed by June Reedy | Published on Monday, May 3, 2010

“This is just the beginning to my journey with this instrument” –Fareed Haque

Have you felt patronized by music lately?  Do the simple pop schemes disappoint you? Are you looking for something complex and intricate?  Then this is the album for you.  This is musician’s music.  The 12 set track listing is similar to satellite radio, changing frequencies and styles from track to track.  By the third track, “Never Give Up”, Garaj can hush the crowd with the haughty hues and hot-headed harmonies.

Make a Hippy Happy has the moog guitar 21st century wah wah pedal riff that is exactly what makes a hippy happy.  In the past I have referred to Haque as the Professor and in this latest studio effort there is no change.  He demonstrates the moog guitar in an instructional manner on a CDRom feature on the disc.  A brief bit to exhibit his mastery of stringed instruments proves his ability.  The music on the disc proves his ability to have fun while making tunes all will want to hear.

This is an album to put on during a dinner party.  I decided this because it opens intellectually and by the end has changed into a whole new animal, just like dinner parties can.  The last track on Discovery is a Thelonious Monk tune, “Round Midnight”. Isn’t that just fitting? All in one album, Garaj has managed to run the gamut of expressions.  More Mister Nice Guy is an extension to keep the party going.  Jazz has evolved with this super group, bringing rowk, funk, and jammed out versions of their own original styling.