Get out the vote in North Carolina

Article Contributed by Friends of the Earth | Published on Sunday, October 11, 2020

Hurricanes have barreled towards almost every coastal state east of the Mississippi this year. A key contributor? Warmer than average water surface temperatures.

These storms are becoming more frequent and more severe in part due to climate change -- which is why we need to kick anti-environment extremists like Thom Tillis out of the Senate. Help get out the vote in North Carolina.

Tillis supported the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in North Carolina. This fracked gas pipeline would have locked the state into another several decades of reliance on climate-destroying fossil fuels. The good news is, Tillis is one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the nation. Flipping his seat is vital. Will you to take action to get him voted out of office?

What: National phone bank: Call voters to kick Thom Tillis out of the Senate

When: October 12th, 5:30pm Eastern/2:30pm Pacific

Where: From home -- All you need is a phone and computer with Internet access.

We are three weeks from the election. Call voters in North Carolina and help kick Thom Tillis out of the Senate!


Thom Tillis is known for his allegiance to the fossil fuel industry. He received over $220,000 from Oil and Gas companies.

For years, Tillis has pushed a climate denier agenda. He’s voted with Trump 95% of the time and has a lifetime environmental score of 9% from the League of Conservation Voters. He even helped confirm David Bernhardt as Secretary of the Interior -- putting North Carolina’s public lands at risk of being handed over to Big Oil and the timber industry.

We need your help to remind voters that Tillis has Big Oil and Gas in his back pocket. He’ll do nothing as North Carolina is pummeled by hurricanes again and again if his polluter buddies’ profits are at stake.

Mike, can you take two hours to call voters in North Carolina and remind them what is at stake this election?

Help remind North Carolinians to vote for the environment, not politicians with Big Oil in their back pockets.


With the election right around the corner, we need your help to push Thom Tillis out of office. We have contact information for environmental voters in North Carolina. A simple phone call to these voters will remind them what’s at stake and make a huge difference. One conversation can determine whether or not voters cast their ballot safely -- especially in the midst of a pandemic.

We make it easy to take action. Our secure system is set up so that you never need to share your phone number with strangers. You can participate from your own home -- all you need is access to a phone and computer.

Sign up now to call voters and we’ll give you everything you need: from talking points about Thom Tillis to up-to-date info on polling place locations, vote by mail rules and more. We’ll even do a virtual training with you before you start making calls. And we’ll be on hand to answer your questions.

Join the virtual phone bank to stop Thom Tillis and his Big Oil cronies. All you need is a phone and computer with Internet access!