Article Contributed by SRO | Published on Thursday, October 19, 2023

Los Angeles-based alt-pop duo Good RznJosie Molasky (vocalist/songwriter) and Tommy Ghirardini (guitarist/producer)—are gearing up for the Friday, October 20 release of their debut EP FALLING IN SLOW MOTION. It was praised by Las Vegas Weekly (from a preview of their recent show at Ferguson’s Downtown) for its “marriage of trebly synths, pop-leaning production and Molasky’s alluring cadence, as heard on ‘Running Out of Time’” (10/5/23). Pre-save the EP—which highlights the group’s alternative and psychedelic pop, seen through a lens of rock and electronic music—HERE.

Good Rzn have announced two shows: an EP release gig this Friday, October 20 at the club KISS KISS BANG BANG (free with RSVP) and a second show November 7 at (WFNM) WE FOUND NEW MUSIC Artist Discovery Showcase at Backbeat on Sunset at Hotel Ziggy (8462 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood), which is free with RSVP 21+ (7:00pm Doors).

In advance of the EP’s release, Good Rzn recently unveiled the singles "Running Out Of Timeand Far From Me.” Stay tuned for the release of a three-video sequence of "Running Out Of Time," "Far From Me," and "123." The videos will be the premiere directorial music video projects for Los Angeles-based artist Mishko (represented by Randi Wilens & RW Media).

Here are quotes from Good Rzn about these three songs:

“Running Out Of Time”: We wanted this song to evoke a sense of urgency to chase your dreams and do the things you’ve always wanted to do now rather than later. Go dance in the rain, it's been too long. Don't waste your time waiting for a perfect moment. The tone of the instrumental complements the vocals and lyrics with energetic synths and bold guitar elements and creates a sense of urgency. The record was largely inspired by electronic music and we put a heavy emphasis on the sound design.”

“Far From Me”: "This was one of the first songs that we wrote as Good Rzn in 2021 with our friend John MacLane. We rented a house in Palm Springs and set up a studio for a few days. One of our intentions going in was to bring the rock sound that we were inspired by our whole lives into a more electronic space. The track ultimately took about two years to fully develop and it's one of the songs we're most excited about on the EP. The lyrics address themes of being away from someone close to you or something you love, and the ensuing growth and strife that occurs in that setting.”

“123”: "This one is a nostalgic song that talks about simpler times when things seemed straightforward. Life is hard and getting places isn't as "easy as ABC" or as ‘easy as 123.’ The track includes a recording from 20 years ago of Josie singing the alphabet as a kid. The lyrics talk about lessons learned growing up while the dynamics throughout mirror the ups and downs of life, which is complemented by the dynamic instrumental. The production is minimalistic, sticking with the theme, yet each sound is carefully crafted to eventually give the song some explosive moments.”

Read a full Q&A Good Rzn about the single HERE.

The group began releasing music in the fall of 2021. On the Good Rzn-produced FALLING IN SLOW MOTION, they paint the positives and negatives of life as an epic roller coaster ride. The five-track EP gives insight into the feelings the two artists have experienced in their past few years living in Los Angeles. Each song dives into different components of the factors that have influenced the pair since moving to Los Angeles, CA from Boulder, CO. "We wanted this collection of music to represent a specific time period of our artistic journey,” says Good Rzn.We've had a lot of amazing moments, but there were also struggles along the way. The creation of these pieces helped us find peace in expressing ourselves and hope it might do the same for our listeners.”

Here’s the track listing for FALLING IN SLOW MOTION:

1. Running Out Of Time

2. Far From Me

3. 123

4. Too Much (Never Enough)

5. Slipping Away