Goose | The Chrysalis at Merriweather Park | 8/12/2022

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Saturday, August 13, 2022

Goose, the head turning indie jam rock squad from Connecticut who recently sold out Radio City Music Hall in New York City, kicked off the second leg of their stacked summer tour at The Chrysalis in Merriweather Park. Located in Columbia, MD, this was the first time Goose had played in this innovative space. The combination stage and artistic structure, nestled in the lush Symphony Woods surrounding the Merriweather Campus, provided the perfect place to fuse music, art, and blissful vibes.

Fans pose in front of The Chrysalis | Columbia, MD

The Chrysalis at Merriweather Park was completed in 2017, and has created a smaller, tranquil performing space next to Merriweather Post Pavillion that blends with nature. The sixty foot structure above the stage flows in every direction with the trees and was painted green to meld with the environment. The venue itself is located on a hill behind Merriweather Post Pavilion's lawn. The Chrysalis is often included for Festivals as a place for festival-goers to relax and get away from the sun.

Guitarist Rick MItarotonda | Goose

The evening began with the typical long entrance line that Goose fans have come to expect. The trees within Merriweather Park provided a perfect canopy of shade, which only increased the number of new friendships formed while waiting to go inside.

Goose | The Chrysalis

The band stepped on stage at 7:45pm. Guitarist Peter Anspach brought his camera and took a few snaps of the boisterous crowd. The show began with first time played tune "Butterflies," which was quite appropriate given the large butterfly population in the park. The Caribbean inspired tune, "Butter Rum," was up next, followed by "Lead the Way," which included a deep jam.

Guitarist Peter Anspach | Goose

The lone Dripfield tune of the night, "The Whales," brought the energy down for a few minutes. This was short lived as the band dove into a rocking "My Generation" by The Who. The set closed out with a face melting "Jive I" that incorporated a stellar jam led by guitarist Rick Mitarotonda.

Goose | The Chrysalis

After a healthy break, the band returned firing on all cylinders, and played a monster "All I Need." The crowd turned into a raucous dance party, as everyone collectively sang, "You have all I need." "The Old Man's Boat" proceeded. This smooth, feel good tune brought the energy down slightly for a few minutes.

Lighting Director Andrew Geodde's sublime lights during "Creatures" | Goose

This four song set closed out with a raging "Creatures" > "ShamaLamma Ding Dong." Lighting Director Andrew Goedde magnificently illuminated the top of the Chrysalis with textured purple lights, as the band dove into a raging jam that was over fifteen minutes long. The music flowed perfectly into the classic tune by Otis Day & The Knights, "ShamaLamma Ding Dong. This cover was last seen at the Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA on March 11, 2022, and ended the second set with vigor.

Fans loving the show and incredible vibe | Goose

The band returned for one final tune: the inspiring "Tumble." This version was played the original, fast paced style, and sent fans off into to the night with a huge smile.

The Chrysalis | Columbia, MD

Goose brought the heat last night, as they do night after night, in a stunningly beautiful natural environment that teemed with jovial energy. Despite the hype, they are the real deal, and are not to be missed. They are back in action tonight at The Chrysalis, and tickets are still available at this link.

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Set One
Butterflies, Butter Rum, Lead the Way, The Whales, My Generation1, Jive I

Set Two
All I Need, The Old Man's Boat, Creatures > ShamaLamma Ding Dong2


1. The Who
2. Otis Day & The Knights

Goose | The Chrysalis

Drummer Ben Atkind | Goose

Fans can't get enough | Goose