Goose | The Palladium | 10/31/2021

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Goose shagged and bragged last Sunday at the historic Palladium in Worcester, Mass in celebration of Halloween. The band dressed as characters from the movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me while playing covers from the soundtrack mixed with their originals. Covering other bands is a time honored tradition in the jam band world on Halloween. Goose raised the bar with this performance, delivering incredible improvisation and unexpected twists as the night progressed.

Goose | Worcester, Mass

The night began with the band marching on stage in costume. Multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach was dressed as Austin Powers, and uttered the proverbial catch phrase "Yea baby!" Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda took the role of Mr. Power's antagonist, Dr. Evil, complete with a bald head and facial scar. Bassist Trevor Weekz was Mustafa, Dr. Evil's henchman, donning a red fez hat. Drummer Ben Atkind assumed the role of Mini Me, while percussionist Jeff Arevalo represented Scott Evil, Dr. Evil's son. Road manager Jon "Coach" Lombardi appeared in the background as Frau Farbissina, Dr. Evil's henchwoman, and Naveed Quarterman as Una Brow.

Trevor Weekz as Mustafa | Goose

The band began the festivities with a "Factory Fiction" tease, a coveted and rarely played Vasudo cover, which fittingly transitioned into "Soul Bossa Nova," by Quincy Jones. Two firsts immediately proceeded, starting with the first time played "Draggin' the Line" by Tommy James. This was followed by the first Goose original of the night, the funk filled "Earthling or Alien?" The band dropped one of the best jams this evening in the next tune, "My Generation" by The Who, clocking in at over sixteen minutes. Arevalo crushed the vocals as well. "My Generation" segued into "A Western Sun," bringing the tempo down, but only momentarily. Anspach then took the helm with "I'm a Believer" by the Monkees, leading the vocals and manning the keyboards for a smashing good, first time played tune. The band took the crowd back into "Earthing or Alien?" and then "So Ready," the upbeat fraternal twin to "Slow Ready," before taking a much needed set break.

Peter Anspach standing on his amp | Worcester, Mass

Set two resumed with more Austin Power's delights, starting with "American Woman" by the Guess Who, another first timer for the band. Anspach began the guitar intro off stage. Once on stage, he ran around and jumped from his amp like a 70's rock star, clearly enjoying the shagadelic mood. Arevalo contributed his vocal skills once again. New original "The Labyrinth" proceeded, and transitioned into a rocking "Magic Carpet Ride" by John Steppenwolf. Mitarotonda took his turn on vocals and unleashed a raucous guitar jam on this first time played tune. The jam and song were executed with perfection, and coupled with sublime lights by lighting director Andrew Goedde. Fans can only hope the band adds this cover to their repertoire.

Jeff Arevalo belting out incredible vocals | Goose

Stellar bass grooves by Weekz highlighted the next song, "Into the Myst." Once again, the band transitioned into another first timer, "Whip it" by Devo. "Seekers on the Ridge Part 2" followed, notably without normal set list companion "Seekers on the Ridge Part 1." The band took the energy down a few notches, and Mitarotonda stepped up to the mic to sing "Just the Two of Us," by Grover Washington Jr and Bill Withers. The famous Dr. Evil rap ensued, and included the iconic line, "Mini me, you complete me," uttered as Mitarotonda looked over at Atkind, who was dressed as his miniature evil clone. The set wrapped up with a smoking "Hot Tea." The band briefly stepped off stage, with the crowd on their feet and screaming for one more song. The band obliged with an appropriately placed, faster version of "All I Need." In this moment, everyone knew how special this show was, and felt honored to be part of it.

Fans are loving the band's energy | Palladium

Never miss a Sunday Halloween show by Goose, or perhaps just a show. This band's passion for inspired and explorative jams as well as fun covers has never been more apparent. They truly love performing and continue to elevate their game as time progresses. The good news is that they are smack in the middle of a fall tour, with two sold out shows this weekend at the Eastern in Atlanta, Ga. Hop on over to their tour page for more information. Also, check out for face value tickets to sold out shows.

Rick Mitarotonda as Dr. Evil | Goose

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The crowd knew how special this show was | Palladium

Set One
Soul Bossa Nova1, Draggin’ The Line2, Earthling or Alien?3, My Generation4 > A Western Sun, I’m A Believer5 > Earthling Or Alien? > So Ready

Set Two
American Woman6, The Labyrinth > Magic Carpet Ride7, Into The Myst > Whip It8, Seekers On The Ridge pt. 29, Just The Two Of Us10, Hot Tea

All I Need11

Coach’s Notes
1. Quincy Jones, LTP 7.12.18
2. Tommy James, FTP
3. Peter asked the crowd if they were Earthling or Alien
4. The Who
5. The Monkees, FTP
6. The Guess Who, FTP, Peter started the song from off stage
7. Steppenwolf, FTP
9. This was the first time Seekers On The Ridge has been split up.
10. Grover Washington Jr & Bill Withers, FTP, Rick did the Dr. Evil rap
11. Fast & original version of AIN, LTP 12.7.19 Boulder CO
Netflix & Chill Theme • Austin Powers 2 ‘The Spy Who Shagged Me’
Costumes: Rick – Dr. Evil; Peter – Austin Powers; Trevor – Mustafa; Ben – Mini-Me; Jeff – Scott; Jon L – Frau Farbissina; Naveed – Unibrow