Goose | The Pines Music Park | 7/2/2021

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Sunday, July 4, 2021

Jamband darling Goose kicked off the July 4th weekend and the second leg of their summer tour like a firecracker at The Pines Music Park in Eau Claire, Wisconsin to a sold out crowd, many seeing the band for the first time. The weather cooperated, dairy products were plentiful, and the vibe was very chill compared to Goose’s home in the Northeast.

Goose | The Pines Music Park

Nestled in the woods within a suburban neighborhood that has a rural feel, The Pines Music Park hosts regional festivals in Western Wisconsin. This run is special, as the 1000 person capacity was intended for pod seating. When the covid-19 rules shifted, the pods were unnecessary, turning this into a very intimate mini camping festival. The venue normally holds 5000, which meant plenty of space for all. The Facebook forum for Goose fans across the country, El Goose, organized many activities for all fans in attendance as well.

Trevor Weeks | Goose

The show began with a familiar favorite, “Time to Flee," and was dedicated to Trey and Emmit by drummer Ben Atkind. The soft and melodic “A Western Sun,” followed, before Goose dropped their first cover of the night, “Movin’ Out” by Billy Joel. This was proceeded by the jam vehicle “Doc Brown,” which got the crowd fired up. Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda took to the microphone to dedicate the next tune to the camp sites. The next song happened to be the reggae inspired “Butter Rum," which included notably outstanding vocals and musical execution, followed by “Your Ocean.” The set closed with the first segue for the night, and thankfully the best was saved for last. The sublimely funky "Jive II” transitioned into the disco dance party, “Jive Lee,” leaving fans thirsty for more of Goose's deep jams.

The Pines Music Park | Eau Claire, WI

After a very brief set break, the show rolled on with a signature jam sandwich, starting with the high energy “Slow Ready.” At this point, anyone who could dance was moving and grooving like no one was watching. The band segued into another monster jam vehicle, “Drive.” The second cover of the night was unfurled next, “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” by Kylie Minogue, followed by “Mas Que Nada” by Sergio Mendez & Brazil 66. The jams in between these songs were nothing short of a jam band fan’s dream with flawless and inventive sequences. The show wrapped up on a high note with the Goose original, “Tumble.” Unfortunately, the band was unable to play an encore because of the curfew at The Pines, which added even more suspense for the following night's show. Thankfully, Doey Joey, a talented DJ from Connecticut who regularly performs late night shows after Goose, was on hand, and performed a late night set at the Eau Claire Best Western.

The crowd enjoying Goose | Eau Claire, WI

The Midwest was treated to an incredible show by Goose at a venue with a very caring staff and an overall genuine energy that is hard to find these days. Goose is on tour this summer at venues around the USA, with their blazing hot jams in tow. Summer tour dates and ticket information is available on their website,

Goose | The Pines Music Park

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Set One
Time to Flee1, A Western Sun, Movin’ Out2, Doc Brown, Butter Rum3, Your Ocean, Jive II > Jive Lee

Set Two
Slow Ready > Drive, Can’t Get You Out of My Head4 > Mas Que Nada5, Tumble

1 - Dedicated to Trey and Emmit
2 - Cover by Billy Joel
3 - Dedicated to the camp sites
4 - Cover by Kylie Minogue
5 - Cover by Sergio Mendez & 66