Governors Ball 2024 | Day One | Recap

Article Contributed by Nick Gumas | Published on Monday, June 24, 2024

The crown Jewel of East Coast music festivals and overall barometer for relevance in popular culture, Governors Ball once again proved an incredible experience as it drew the eyes of all in the New York area. A festival that catered so heavily to the tastes of the newest generation of festivalgoers, the lineup proved to be an all-around masterclass in displaying the tastes of an era as it packed the grounds at its newest home of Flushing Meadows.

Lauran Hibberd | GovBall | New York, NY

While the crowd was slow to fill the venue, the early artists to play the stages did not in any way lack any. To begin the weekend, native of the Isle of Wight, Lauran Hibberd, gave an early afternoon jolt to the lucky group to show up right as the gates opened. While the crowd size might have been smaller than one might have expected at an event of this magnitude, the artist saw this as an opportunity to turn the show into a personal experience for all in attendance as she made eye contact with and waved to each individual fan at the barricade early in her set. Acknowledging the early timeslot, she said to the crowd “Thank you for joining me for breakfast” before playing her 2023 hit “Honda Civic.”

Qveen Herby | GovBall | New York, NY

Bringing a supernatural energy to New York City, rapper Qveen Herby delivered her message of empowerment, self-love, and the pursuit of opulence to a packed house. As the artist took center stage dressed in a wizard’s robe, she directed a virtual fireworks display on the screen at the back of the stage to the sounds of orchestral music, creating an environment reminiscent of Disney’s Fantasia. Wasting no time playing her hits, she began her performance with a series of high-energy singles including “Balenciaga Dreams,” “Abracadabra,” and “THANK GODDESS.” Amidst her set, she took a beat to guide the audience through a short meditation. As she shepherded her fans through some deep breathing exercises, she announced “With this next breath I want you to imagine the new you that you are transforming into right now.” before covering Chris Brown’s single “Look at Me Now.” As she introduced herself to the audience, she made sure to leave an impression, saying “My name’s Qveen Herby. With a “V” like vagina.” Before proceeding to end her set on a high note with “Vitamins” and “Sugar Daddy.”

Farruko | GovBall | New York, NY

Multi-Latin Grammy winner and Puerto Rican powerhouse Farruko gave a high-energy performance that transcended all barriers. Proudly wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt, the artist represented the past, present, and future of the Reggaeton genre. Complete with a full pyrotechnic display, the artist turned the park grounds into a dancehall as he put on a clinic in the emotional resonance and sentimentality of the community with a series of enthralling anthems, coupled with a selection of ballads including his 2018 feature “Calma.”

Post Malone | GovBall | New York, NY

Headlining the evening, modern icon and face tattoo aficionado Post Malone closed out the night on the mainstage with an immersive and illustrious set that celebrated the artist’s decade in the limelight. As the lights dimmed, a string trio started to play, setting a dramatic tone as Post shoelessly sauntered onstage to begin his performance with his 2018 single “Better Now.” As the artist addressed the crowd for the first time, he set the mood for a revelrous night as he proclaimed “My name is Austin Richard Post. I’m here to play some shitty songs and get fucked up while I do it.” In a performance defined by passion and a commitment to showmanship, fireworks and pyrotechnics served to add a dramatic flare to a flushed-out setlist including “Goodbyes,” “I Fall Apart,” and “White Iverson.” The artist went out of their way to make the audience feel like a part of the show, going as far as to invite two members of the crowd onstage to perform “Stay” alongside him. As the night went on, he addressed the passage of time and acknowledged his new role as the father of a two-year-old, stating “She’s the coolest motherfucker in the world… and now this song hits a little bit different.” before playing his 2016 single “Too Young.” He extended his love to all in attendance and offered his encouragement to all to follow their passions, announcing “I love you so fucking much, and do whatever the fuck you want to do, whether you want to be an entomologist, a botanist, a doctor… a wizard” before playing “Congratulations.” The crew then began to strike the set, but this was ultimately only a fake-out, as Post returned to the stage to begin his encore with “Sunflower.” The boy from Dallas then showed the audience that he had finally gone Country and played his Morgan Wallen collaboration “I Had Some Help” before ending the evening with his lyrically-driven ballad “Chemical.” Sending the audience out with class, he ended the night by saying “I hope everyone had half the amount of fun I had. This was one of my favorite shows I’ve ever done.”

Post Malone | GovBall | New York, NY

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