GW Premiere: Dusty Bo's "Fox"

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Southern Alt-rocker Dusty Bo is no stranger to the music industry. In his early music days, he made the leap from the quiet hills of Kentucky to the bustling streets of Los Angeles, grinding his way to the top of the tough music scene there with Southern roots band Bolt Action Thrill and hard-rockers Future Villains. Since then he’s found his way back to his acoustic and Southern roots, and is now making even more of a name for himself with his smashing new concept EP Fox.

The deeply personal nature of the three songs on the concept EP is revealed by Bo’s impassioned vocals and emotive guitar licks throughout the record. With the first plaintive whistled note of opening track “The Red,” you feel yourself pulled into the rolling, desolate hills of rural Kentucky - that is, before a 90’s-tinged rock rhythm kicks in and drives the song through a few soaring choruses. The grinding song then transitions into the sweetly acoustic second track on the EP, “All I Can Dream.” The EP finishes out with the soulful “Words Don’t Mean Much”; a track that speaks to Bo’s lyrical prowess with compelling lines such as, “Giving rich to the richer / And faith to the poor / Words from that church don’t mean much for me anymore.”

Dusty Bo’s new concept EP Fox is delightfully eclectic, tied together with Southern roots influences, blues-driven guitar licks, and reflective songwriting. Check out Fox on all platforms, and be sure to give Dusty Bo a follow on social media.

"Fox is 3 songs that are more of the singer/songwriter vibe from the rest of the cuts to be released on the album. The overall mood is mostly happy or uplifting, I'd say. With one love song, one song of encouragement and another about discovering truth in a world full of lies. There are definitely messages in the songs that I know most people would benefit from if they really listen.”