GW Premiere: Jackson Stokes' "Time is Now"

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Thursday, October 10, 2019

Devon Allman recently announced the launch of his record label Create Records along with the label's first release Jackson Stokes' self-titled debut is due out on Oct 25.  Stokes will join Devon Allman and The Allman Betts Band on tour for a majority of their upcoming performances as the tour opener.

With an incredible talent, a knack for songwriting, and Devon Allman as an ally and a mentor, Stokes is poised to turn some heads.

Stokes offers insight on the track and video below:


Time is Now is a song about picking yourself out of a hole and making yourself better right now. I think the video abstractly shows the different elements that we have to work through to accomplish what we need to do in this life. At different points, you have to climb, crawl, shout, and do the hard things that will truly fulfill us. But life is about the process, so why not grind and experience it with a good groove.

Musically, this song is all about the groove. I always love the steady rock of the verses, which contrast with the open chorus. Devon had a great idea to combine some subtle synth lines that I fell in love with, which creates more melodies for the song to work with. I love singing the chorus because it is punchy and meaningful and seems to stick with the listener. “

-Jackson Stokes