GW Premiere: TEOA's "Not The End"

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

“Not the End” was born out of the desire for hope in despairing times, exploring if fate can be altered.  “I was feeling overwhelmed by the declining state of the world and inspired to figure a way out. I asked myself, what is the message that we need right now?” states Trevor Leonard, guitarist/singer/songwriter for TEOA.  From this search came the refrain, “Though we’re standing at the edge, this is not the end.” Leonard states, “even though I wrote the lyrics (for “Not the End”) long before the coronavirus pandemic, its meaning now seems even more amplified.  We need to remember not to give up hope.” “Not the End” opens with three-part harmonies reminiscent of The Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road” and swells from piano chords to organ and reverb infused electric guitars with a driving beat ala The War On Drugs. The lyrics set up a dystopian scene and the narrator comes across as despairing - a relatable feeling in a time of climate change deniers and unstoppable corporate greed. The images of plastic bottles, pill vials and shattered TVs further push the problems of waste, addiction and the media into purview. The juxtaposition is the reaffirming chorus - “Though we’re standing at the edge, this is not the end.”  No one can be sure what the future holds, but it is clear that we need hope to strive for something better.