HeadCount & Global Citizen Announce Partnership to Mobilize Voters Ahead of 2020 Election

Article Contributed by The Syndicate | Published on Thursday, August 13, 2020

International advocacy organization Global Citizen and voter registration organization HeadCount today announced a nonpartisan multi-year partnership to engage young Americans to check their status, register, and vote. Through their joint initiatives, Global Citizen and HeadCount will mobilize support from artists, entertainers, media, corporations, and nonprofit organizations, to give young Americans the tools to use their voice in the November 3, 2020 election and beyond. Through the work of this groundbreaking collaboration, Global Citizen and HeadCount will activate young people to get involved and spark change in their communities by expressing opinions at the ballot box.

“America’s influence in the world — to tackle pandemics, address climate change, and pursue opportunity for all — is fundamental to achieving Global Citizen’s vision of a world free from extreme poverty,” said HUGH EVANS, CO-FOUNDER AND CEO OF GLOBAL CITIZEN. “Right now, voter registration is at historic lows given that COVID-19 has prevented young people from registering in their local communities, at live events or the DMV. Global Citizen is proud to be joining forces with HeadCount. Our work together will help ensure the voices of America’s youth are heard on election day.”

"“It has never been more important to find ways of meeting people where they are to register them to vote,” said ANDY BERNSTEIN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF HEADCOUNT. “So many of us are turning to entertainment and pop culture as a way to deal with these uncertain times, and because of this historic partnership, HeadCount and Global Citizen will be able to leverage the power of artists and music to reach new voters. We’re proud to marshal our teams together in the critical work of engaging young people in our democratic process.”


Both Global Citizen and HeadCount have the experience and tools to mobilize young people, making this partnership unprecedented. HeadCount has deep experience driving voter registration, and since 2012 Global Citizen has activated millions of global citizens in support of eradicating extreme poverty. Together, the organizations have the power to reach young voters by creating a movement fueled by leading artists and the music industry. Global Citizen and HeadCount will inspire inclusion through culture, with the goal of bolstering and activating the will of the next generation to vote.

Voter registration numbers are down across the country as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent study, in 11 states the number of new voters in April of 2020 decreased by 70% as compared to April 2016. Other states are down as much as 50% over the same period.