Hear The Accidentals Co-Write With Their Heroes On TIME OUT (Session 1) EP

Article Contributed by IVPR | Published on Monday, May 10, 2021

When their tour was abruptly cancelled early last year, The Accidentals—Sav Buist, Katie Larson, and Michael Dause—instinctively turned to the thing they do best; creating. The multi-faceted band has shared stages with legendary musicians across the country and globe, played strings for international superstars like BTS, and backed up jam-band mainstay Keller Williams in their side-project The Keller Williams Accident, but in their Northern Michigan quarantining, they went one step further and asked some of their favorite songwriters to collaborate on new music. Today, the fruits of their lockdown labor are available for all to hear on TIME OUT (Session 1). A five-song EP of all-new material, TIME OUT (Session 1) features songwriting collaborations between The Accidentals and world-renown songwriters that Buist says, “Were among our earliest influences...their songs inspired us to try our hand at songwriting.” Specifically, she’s talking about their songwriting heroes-turned-co-writers: Kim Richey, Dar Williams, Maia Sharp, Tom Paxton, and Mary Gauthier & Jaimee Harris​. Fans can purchase or stream TIME OUT (Session 1) right now at this link.

“We didn’t see it coming. We were moving through life at breakneck speed, worried about ‘getting there’ instead of being present in the journey,” says Buist. “When the road came to a hard stop and everything went quiet, we realized the extent of what we had lost. It was devastating. We drove back to Nashville, packed some things, and quarantined together in Northern Michigan. Our industry shut down completely. For the first time in eight years we didn’t have anywhere to be. We found ourselves reaching out to each other in that process of navigating the isolation. We ended up collaborating with these incredible writers because for the first time in eight years we all had time. These songs might not have happened otherwise. We wanted to somehow capture the idea that even after all of this unbelievable heartbreak, some beauty can still come from it. TIME OUT​ is a healing anthem for us, and we hope it is for you too.”  

TIME OUT (Session 1) Tracklisting and Co-writers:

Wildfire (Kim Richey)

Anyway (Tom Paxton)

Might As Well Be Gold (Maia Sharp)

Night Train (Dar Williams)

All Shall Be Well (Mary Gauthier & Jaimee Harris)

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