Hear Low Water Bridge Band’s New Single “Clarke County Clay” Today

Article Contributed by IVPR | Published on Thursday, November 2, 2023

“This song is about the struggle of an old soul in a new world,” says Low Water Bridge Band's Alex Kerns about their new single “Clarke County Clay.” Touching on karma, and in Kerns' words, “how it can all come back to you in the end,” the waltzing tune rides a snare drum pattern akin to a funeral march, through waves of pedal steel and precise stacks of background vocals. “'Clarke County Clay' came from a chord progression that found itself on my fingers one morning, this happened to be Christmas morning,” Kerns remembers. “I quickly heard the scuffle of feet running down the steps, so I put the guitar down to join the family, I didn't revisit the song until nearly a year later when I decided to put some lyrics to the marinating tune.”

“Can I finally lay six feet deep in the ground? / On cold Clarke County clay / I'll save my soul so I can't be found”

“Clarke County Clay” is the latest single from Low Water Bridge Band's upcoming album Back to the Valley—out on November 17th. A fitting follow up to their last LP, Midnight in Virginia, this new ten-song collection represents the band's graduation from barnstorming clubs in the Shenandoah Valley to playing festival stages along the East Coast. Made up of Logan Moore (guitar, vocals), Alex Kerns (bass, vocals), Riley Kerns (drums, background vocals), James Montgomery (lead guitar), Justin Carver (pedal steel, banjo), and Rudy Bzdyk (fiddle, trumpet, keyboards), Low Water Bridge Band have made their career by furthering their sound; forged by firelight picking and ramped up into a romping, stomping on-stage energy, excellently presented in recorded form on Back to the Valley.

Whiskey Riff premiered the single a day early, noting, “Appalachia has been a hotbed for country music of late, and Low Water Bridge Band is poised to be the next big thing hailing from the region.”

Out everywhere tomorrow, fans can pre-save “Clarke County Clay” and check out the band's previously-released single “Siren Of The Shenandoah” here, and stay up to date on Back to the Valley ahead of its November 17th release right here.

Back to the Valley Tracklist:

Siren Of The Shenandoah

Dark Whiskey

Slow Down

600 Reasons

Hope It's You

Clarke County Clay

Place On A Hill

Dear Lord

Small Town Affair

She Don't Answer