Henhouse Prowlers release new single "Subscription To Loneliness"

Article Contributed by Dark Shadow Re… | Published on Saturday, July 8, 2023

Chicago based band Henhouse Prowlers release their third single, Subscription To Loneliness from their album Lead and Iron (September).

This 50's-style country shuffle, completed with the twin fiddles of Becky Buller and Laura Orshaw, is composed by singer and bassist Jon Goldfine, along with bluegrass songwriter Rick Lang. It's a toe-tapping, feel-good song that offers a very different attitude within the lyric.The unfortunate character simply cannot get a break as he recollects occasions he has been let down. This song is a departure from typical Henhouse Prowler material and they enjoyed recreating this classic feel.

Jon Goldfine shares: "It was an honor to write this with Rick Lang - our first cowrite together! I brought it to the table as song based on my own real-life follies of a teenager-early 20something’s quest for everlasting love, and learning to anticipate the inevitable heartbreak to come. A few decades of perspective on those relationships allowed for a comical, tongue-in-cheek spin on the stories. While the end result may be slightly more fictionalized (to protect the innocent, of course), it was Rick’s expertise that helped hone in on what I initially wanted the song to capture."

"Putting this tune together was a blast!", says producer Stephen Mougin. "It’s always a challenge to re-create the authentic feel of those early country shuffles, and the Prowlers really dug in and made it happen. From the stride-up-beat pulse (ala. Pig Robbins) to the twin fiddle licks of Becky and Laura (ala. Tommy Jackson), completed with walking bass (ala. Bob Moore), this track has it ALL!"

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The band is completed by Ben Wright on banjo, Chris Dollar on guitar/vocal, and Jake Howard on mandolin and vocals.