Holly Montgomery Releases “Looking For Lancelot,” a New Single From Her Forthcoming LP

Article Contributed by Jensen Communi… | Published on Thursday, April 14, 2022

Americana artist Holly Montgomery announced the release of a new single today titled “Looking For Lancelot.” The track debuts in advance of her 2022 LP, Sorry For Nothing, which listeners can expect in May. “Looking For Lancelot” is a lyrical acoustic ballad with a blues-rock grit. The track features Montgomery’s long-time collaborator, guitarist Buddy Speir. It is the artist’s second single released by KZZ Music, following her signing this February.
Listen to the track HERE

“Looking For Lancelot” ebbs and flows like an acoustic waltz, thanks to its 3/4 time signature. Montgomery conceived the song on acoustic guitar, aiming for a wistful tone. Its semi-autobiographical lyrics tap into universal themes related to father-daughter relationships. “I’ve always thought that father-daughter and mother-son relationships are incredibly poignant,” Montgomery shares. “My parents were divorced by the time I was born, and my father passed when I was just seven. The absence of that relationship changed how I moved through the world.” But according to Montgomery, this song isn’t just for daughters — it’s a song for restless souls. “Different people are restless for different reasons. Personally, I’ve never felt really rooted. That’s why I love being on the road. In ‘Looking For Lancelot,’ I’m trying to get to the heart of what makes some restless souls tick.”
Of course, “Looking For Lancelot” also taps into the timeless story of King Arthur. In the chorus, Montgomery assumes the perspective of Guinevere. The lyrics say, “I’m stuck in the romance of what’s in my blind spot. Why can’t I make peace with all of the good I’ve got? It’s like I married King Arthur, but I still want Lancelot.” Later in the song, however, she says “Don’t call me Guinevere. I don’t want to fail, or go down in history a cautionary tale.” These words reflect the tension of recognizing one’s behavior and patterns while also feeling powerless to change them.
The song production began simply, then evolved as more layers were subtly added to the music. The track opens with a steady acoustic riff, interwoven with piano. In the second verse, angelic background vocals chime in, adding an ethereal ambiance. Next, Montgomery introduces fretless bass, a thick and rich addition to the diaphanous acoustic landscape. The artist’s initial vision for the song did not include drums, but “on a lark,” added them from the bridge going out. They found that the punchy kick drum and echoing symbols added drama, complementing the narrative arc.
Montgomery’s “Looking For Lancelot,” was mixed by Grammy Award-nominated producer Dave Darling. Darling and Speir also contributed to Montgomery’s forthcoming album, Sorry For Nothing, which debuts in May. “Most of the time, music is better when you’re not producing solo,” Montgomery says. “Co-producing means you get to draw on each other’s brilliance. That’s what Buddy and Dave brought to this album, and it would have been a very different album without them.” The LP is the artist’s sixth solo album and the first she’ll release under the KZZ Music banner. Following the release, Montgomery plans to tour nationally and engage in new creative projects.