Hors d’Oeuvres Part 2: The Sonic Journey Continues with Sqwerv’s Psychedelic Sound

Article Contributed by Win-Win PR | Published on Sunday, May 5, 2024

After the successful debut of Hors D'oeuvres Part 1, Sqwerv is now announcing the eagerly awaited follow-up, the second EP in the series, set for release on May 15th. This new installment promises to continue captivating listeners with its compelling sonic narrative.

Aptly-titled Hors d’Oeuvres Part 2, the national touring band’s three-song EP embraces the ethos of psychedelic exploration while injecting a heavier, drippy guitar-driven rock sound and some electric blues into the mix. Building on the foundation laid by its predecessor, this release delves deeper into the realms of garage rock and neo-psychedelia, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a world of sonic experimentation.

The EP kicks off with “Majk,” a trance-y tune characterized by an epic guitar melody that draws you into its melancholic depths. Seamlessly transitioning into “Croc Stomp,” the titillating track is a spirited homage to garage rock with a swampy feel. Rounding off the project is “Lately,” the first track in the Hors D’Oeuvres project to feature vocals. This soothing, consonant finale is adorned with sweet and lush piano melodies, providing a perfect conclusion to the psychedelic voyage.

Hors d’Oeuvres Part 2 is a culmination of an ambitious experiment in encapsulating the essence of raw, organic sound. The EP showcases Sqwerv’s versatility and willingness to explore new musical territories.  “This album was an experiment to capture good quality home recordings from little musical ideas we’ve had over the years. What we captured was a true raw and psychedelic sound that includes minimal overdubs and vocals,” Sqwerv explains. “While ‘Part 1’ had a more chill, tropical beach feel to it, ‘Part 2’ leans a little heavier with a psych-rock, drippy vibe.”

Prior to recording, Sqwerv curated a list of memorable riffs, unsure of how each would unfold. However, upon completion, the band found themselves enamored with every track, ultimately deciding to include the songs in the EP.

Recorded over the course of a month in the band’s home, every song was born from spontaneous musical ideas, resulting in a collection that embraces imperfection. “Parts 1-3 were essentially written and recorded on the spot. We played every song live together with all of our instruments mic’d up. We experimented with different room recordings,” says Sqwerv.

With this offering, Sqwerv sought to create an immersive experience, inviting listeners to feel as though they were standing alongside the band. “We placed one mic at head level in the middle of the room because we wanted people to feel like they were standing in the room with us. We made every effort possible to ensure the organic feel of our living room was captured.”

Reflecting on the recording process, Sqwerv describes Hors d’Oeuvres Part 2 as a departure from the norm of lyrical songs, instead embracing the sonic dreamscape where imperfections intertwine with creativity. While “Lately” introduces vocals to the project, the band says it serves as an additional layer to the dreamy-esque song, allowing listeners to craft their own interpretation of the sonic landscape.

Denver-based Sqwerv's roots run deep in the Denver music scene. Those roots began to take hold through open jams and a little bit of luck when the band started playing gigs at bars and small venues seven years ago. Since then, the group has become a staple in Denver’s music scene with bands like Magic Beans, Squeaky Feet, Eminence Ensemble and Rado. Dedicated to quality songwriting, the quartet experiments with everything from twelve-minute prog epics inspired by Homer's Odyssey to succinct two-minute love songs. Last month, Sqwerv made an appearance on KDVR Fox31 TV’s “Great Day Colorado,” where they performed “Honolulu Blue,” a riveting track off Hors d’Oeuvres Part 1.

Known for their passion for crafting immersive grooves, polyrhythms, and daring improvisations, the group has captivated jam-music enthusiasts. Denver Westword recently praised Sqwerv, saying, “They let the music do the talking live, and (it) is indicative of the band’s growth since it got together in 2017.” To date, Sqwerv has opened up for Spafford, Big Something, Lespecial, Eggy and many more.

You can catch Sqwerv at a live show this summer while they tour around the country (https://sqwerv.com/shows). Later this year, fans can expect a full-length studio album sometime in the fall.

Sqwerv on tour:

May 16 – Golden, CO @ New Terrain Brewing [tickets]

May 30 – Lawrence, KS @ Lucia Beer Garden [tickets]

June 1 – Columbus, NE @ Power And Progress Festival [tickets]

June 8 – Littleton, CO @ Breckenridge Brewery [tickets]

June 20 – St. Louis, MO @ The Crack Fox [tickets]

June 21 – Peoria, Illinois @ Kenny's Westside [tickets]

June 22 – Ansonia, Ohio @ Ohio Dream Fest [tickets]

June 27 – Pittsburgh , PA @ The Cellar [tickets]

June 28 – Baltimore , MD @ The 8x10 [tickets]

June 29 – Roanoke , VA @ 5 Points Music Sanctuary [tickets]

June 30 – Richmond, VA @ Ember Music Hall [tickets]

July 6 – Bridgeport, CT @ Park City Music Hall [tickets]

July 7 – New York City, NY @ Mercury Lounge [tickets]

July 11 – Newmarket, NH @ Stone Church [tickets]

July 12 – Burlington, VT @ Nectars [tickets]

July 18 – Buffalo, NY @ Buffalo Iron Works [tickets]

July 19 – Chicago, IL @ Martyrs [tickets]

July 20 – Ann Arbor, MI @ Blind Pig [tickets]

July 27 – Harmony Pines, MI @ Dunesville Music Festival [tickets]

July 31 – Columbus, OH @ Summit Music Hall [tickets]

August 1 – Cincinnati, OH @ Stanley's Pub [tickets]

August 3 – Indianapolis, IN @ Mousetrap [tickets]

August 8 – Bond, CO @ Beanstalk Festival [tickets]