The Imaginaries | “Walking On A Wire” | Review

Article Contributed by Nicole Lise Feingold | Published on Monday, August 17, 2020

The Imaginaries, a husband and wife duo, released their newest single, “Walking On A Wire.” The song is timely, focused on tackling life’s countless obstacles. Maggie McClure specifies it is also about “staying the course, no matter what.” In a time where life is more complicated than normal and the hurdles feel almost impassable, it is comforting as well as a necessity to have Shane Henry and McClure’s duet that exemplifies perseverance.  

“Walking On A Wire” is penetrating. Henry and McClure’s voices gracefully play off each other. They effortlessly take turns, sometimes passionately overlapping, to illuminate their tale of strength which can translates into each of our experiences if we embrace as well as embody their inspirational lyrics. In each note their determination and self-confidence shines through, again symbolizing the character needed so as not to get derailed. Instrumentally the tune is stripped down to highlight the vocals that emit a range of emotions from momentary defeat to underlying hope. The music video teaser is striking, shot in Oklahoma’s desolate, desert dunes. The barren, sand swept imagery reinforces the song’s significance of pushing forward even in the most wild of circumstances.

Henry admits, with the right touch of vulnerability but still vigor, “These bones are getting tired.” I’m overcome by internal angst when they echo, “spinning round and round and round again.” I’m ready to give up, but their words conjure thoughts of strong, yet persecuted woman. I haven’t been called ‘nasty.’ I have heard ‘crazy.’ (Obviously, that was hurtful.) Other unmistakably, negative descriptors, both in tone and connotation include, ‘emotional,’ ‘opinionated’ as well as ‘too independent.’ I’m a White, privileged woman, but I have still had to combat inappropriate behavior based upon the insecurities of others which of course created challenges, sometimes felt as insurmountable. United in harmony, drawing their song to a clear close, the couple croon optimism. “Walking on a wire and the waves are crashing under. We are walking on a wire. We can make it, make it to the other side. We can make it, make it to the other side. We can make it, make it to the other side. We can make it, make it.” It is not easy to muddle through, keeping up the facade of strength, when pretty much every day is a high-wire act. Take a breath. We all can make it across. That bottomless well of resolve is there. It just needs to be tapped.

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