Greg Anton | "Heaven Only Knows" | Review

Article Contributed by Nicole Lise Feingold | Published on Tuesday, June 1, 2021

I’ve been disappointed a lot. I probably received more than my fair share with my dad being a big offender. He not only paved the way in modeling disappointments but has continuously failed me. (Even though my dad is really lame, if I were to rank the worst, the boyfriend who took his life in my bathroom would get the coveted spot as the number one letdown. I guess it’s always great to be a winner at something. However, don’t worry dad, you’re not far behind.) I never write about my father as the damage is done, that chapter has long been closed and frankly, he doesn’t deserve that much weight. Nevertheless, Greg Anton’s new single, “Heaven Only Knows” triggers the realities of all the immense disillusionments, particularly from my father.

“Heaven Only Knows” lyrics were penned by the notorious singer-songwriter and poet, Robert Hunter best known for his work with the Grateful Dead. The band comes together to take the magic of Hunter’s lyrics and enhance them further. The guitar (Futoshi Morioka), keys (Ken Greene), bass (Chris Wilson) and drums (Greg Anton) welcome you into quite a sad song lyrically that in contrast employs an upbeat, high tempo nature perhaps to balance out the seriousness. Suzanne Sterling keeps the energy going bringing traditional country passion to each heartfelt line. Collaboratively the band creates a sweet and earnest composition.

I keep returning to the chorus, “Don't try to teach me. Don't try to reach me. Don't try to make me like you. Heaven only knows, you're the very reason I do like I do.” It’s been more than twenty years now since I gave up on my dad. Instead of being mad at his despicable behaviors, torn apart he’s no longer in my life or as many people do use their dysfunctional parents as an excuse for their mistakes, I choose to neither give him power nor and most importantly repeat his failures. “Heaven Only Knows” reinforces I’ve made the very best decision by walking away.

“Heaven Only Knows” Lyrics

there's a little park on the avenue

where the prams roll past when the sky is blue

where hope and joy seem almost real

before I remember not to feel


sometimes I go there in the pouring rain

driven outdoors by the threat of pain

soft kind of ache at the back of my mind

cold kind of shadow creeping up behind


don't try to teach me

don't try to reach me

don't try to make me like you

heaven only knows

you're the very reason I do like I do


I'm a latch key child with tenement eyes

that look right through all the bullshit lies

nothing to prove and nothing to hide

go where I go for the sake of the ride


that's what it's like to have no dream

it's got its moments, or so it would seem

precious moments when everything fits

when the jury's hung and the judge acquits


don't try to teach me …


love is the answer, love is the key

that's what you say when you're sounding on me

I've heard it before, guess I'll hear it again

maybe I'll believe it, but I won't say when


no I don't hate you, I just look away

ain't worth the air that you breathe to pray

ain't worth the ground where you make your stand

with your little tin drum and your big brass band


how could you teach me anything

'cept how to slap and how to sting

how to fool yourself and everyone who

for some strange reason wants to be like you?


don't try to teach me...